Too good to be true?

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Cheap items, too good to be true?

I've found a few items on eBay before which I really wanted to get but couldn't (unfortunately no money trees in my garden) and felt a bit worried bidding on something which should be more than I'm bidding for, however the saying 'Too good to be true' doesn't apply for eBay. 

Before bidding on items like this, its always a good idea to look over the reviews of the seller before you place your bid. Look at the reviews and if they're all positive, good chance its real. If theres some negative ones, then look into them, some are legit reasons such as being ripped off, but sometimes people may receive the item and thinks its not how it should be, so posts a negative response straight away. All negative? Then the saying is likely to be true..

Positive - Id count positive as anything from 75% to 100% good reviews, but personally anyone with 75% I'd thoroughly look at the reviews

'Alright' - Anything from 50% to 75% good reviews. I'd likely stay clear from these

Bad - Anything below 50%, bye bye!

Summary - If theres something you want to bid on, always check the reviews as after you hit that bid button, theres no going back (unless you get that upsetting outbid notification)! If its negative, turn your back and don't look back…..
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