Too many PS2 games and memory cards?

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Too many PS2 games and memory cards?

If you have too many PS2 games and memory cards and have to go through each cards games saves before playing then here is a simple solution to the problem.

Stick a small label on the front of each memory card and write which type of games are on it i.e. Racing games on one, Puzzle games on another, Platform on another, etc

Or if you only have a couple of memory cards then write a couple or group of game genres on the label e.g FPS/Platform/Adventure or Racing/Puzzle/RPG etc....

I have well over 200 PS2 games in my collection and by doing this it's the only way that I can find the card with the right game save without having to go through a dozen of my PS2 memory cards!

It means that you will have to shuffle your game saves about a bit but will save you a whole lot of time in the long run.

I would recommend tthat you NEVER buy 3rd party memory cards and always stick to the official ones as you will end up losing ALL your game saves at some point.

I say this because it has happened to me (PS1 & PS2 memory cards) and would hate for it to happen to you too and months or even years of your hard work get wiped out in an instant!

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