Top 10 Car Security Systems

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Whether a person lives in a large city, on a crowded estate, or on a dark street, it is important to keep personal vehicles safe and secure, and one way to do this with certainty is to install a car security system. These systems attach easily to the car frame with the aid of a few bolts and brackets and the power for the beeps, alarms, and alerts comes directly from the car's battery, so there is no need to run extra wires or deal with external power sources. Whether the car security system comes from a local car accessories shop or online at eBay, a review of the top car security systems allows shoppers to make informed and confident purchasing decisions.
1 Python 872 Responder LE

Combining vehicle protection with a remote starter system, the Python 872 Responder LE deters would-be criminals with many sounds. Additional protection features include a failsafe starter kill and a Stinger double guard shock sensor system for protection.


2 Viper Responder 5901
Viper Responder 5901

The Viper Responder 5901 combines a tracking system with a remote that allows for starting and temperature monitoring with the press of a button. The Responder LC3 technology alerts owners of the vehicle's exact location so that even if the unthinkable happens, resolution and detection is swift and stealthy.


3 Viper Responder LE 5701
Viper Responder LE 5701

With a keychain remote that enables the alarm and monitors vehicle temperature, the Viper Responder LE 5701 allows for the operation of its features with one hand. Hidden GhostLight LED sensors confirm commands so the owner remains inconspicuous and removes the need for the traditional horn beeps when activating the alarm. In addition, when tripped, the sensors send an alert directly to the remote.


4 Python 991 Responder
Python 991 Responder

The Python 991 Responder combines vehicle monitoring with a Stinger shock guard sensor and priority user interface as well as an icon map. The proprietary one mile range L3 responder allows for precise temperature and status monitoring straight from the wireless remote, and commands trigger with the press of a button.


5 Python 1601
Python 1601

Thanks to its NPC nuisance prevention software, the <a data-cke-saved-href=" 1601">Python 1601 monitors the vehicle's status for theft with a reduced instance of false positives and features a simple 1-way SuperCode remote. The 1601 starts and stops the engine remotely and installs quickly and easily with no drilling required.


6 Avital 3300
Avital 3300

The Avital 3300 operates with the aid of an LED monitoring remote as well as a keychain sensor. The vehicle arms and disarms at a distance of up to 457 metres and a tripped sensor alerts the driver with remote beeps and vibrations.


7 Viper 5601
Viper 5601

A complete car security system, the Viper 5601 provides remote starting and multi-point monitoring. The system operates with a pair of 5-button remotes and arms, disarms, locks, and unlocks with the press of a button. This 1-way system mounts in a few minutes and readies for use as soon as the power wires connect to the electrical system of the vehicle.


8 Prestige APS596N

Produced by Audiovox, the Prestige APS596N features a 2-way remote that alerts of extreme temperatures as well as potential tampering. In addition to an LCD remote, the standard remote also arms and disarms at short or long distances and includes a panic button.


9 Viper 5902 Responder
Viper 5902 Responder

The winner of several awards, the Viper 5902 is a 2-way automotive security system and remote starter with a 1.6-km range. The 900 MHz spectrum technology allows for quick reporting of possible sensor breaches and monitors interior vehicle temperature.


10 Crime Guard 750i6

To ensure security when the driver is away from the vehicle, the Crime Guard 750i6 combines a siren with a starter interruption feature as well as a glass sensor. This device also remotely locks and unlocks the doors, pops the boot, and attaches in mere minutes.


How to Buy Car Security Systems on eBay

When shopping for a car security system on eBay, you can narrow down the list of choices to find the system to fit your needs. To do this, input targeted and specific query phrases such as " Crime Guard car security system", "Python 1601 system", or "Viper 5902 Responder" into the Search bar. This process gives you a condensed pool of listings from which to browse and allows you to narrow down your choices quickly and easily. As you shop, pay careful attention to the feedback score and the location of the seller, as local sellers frequently offer their local buyers extra benefits such as fast and free post directly to their door in a matter of days.
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