Top 10 Features for a Cordless Telephone

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The enormous selection of cordless telephones often overwhelms consumers in the market for a new device. Cordless telephones are popular due to the convenience they offer. Consumers can use a cordless phone to simultaneously have a conversation and complete other tasks. The first step in the purchase of a cordless phone is determining what features are most important. Some phones include voicemail capabilities and LCD screens, while others offer built-in intercoms and headset jacks. With the various features available, shoppers who learn about the details of each option are sure to make a proper purchase decision.
1 Auto-Talk

A phone with an auto-talk feature allows users to simply pick up the phone to answer a call. If an individual picks the phone up off the jack, there is no need to hit any buttons to start the call. Some phones have a variation of this feature, where users can hit any button to start the call.


2 Mailbox

The simplest mailboxes on cordless telephones just store voice messages. There are mailboxes with a higher level of sophistication, however. Some phones come with as many as nine voicemail inboxes, and others automatically forward voicemails to a cell phone via text or email. Additional mailbox features include message forward and transfer.


3 Headset Jack
Headset Jack

A cordless phone with a headset jack allows users to be mobile and hands-free during a call. Cordless telephones that come with this feature often include a belt clip for the phone. It is important to keep in mind that most headset jacks require a 2.5 mm plug.


4 LCD Screen

Some LCD screens illuminate to allow users to read information in low-light areas. Most cordless telephones come with an LCD screen to display caller ID, phone numbers, battery life, date and time, and more. Many models feature an LCD screen on both the handset and the base.


5 GAP Compatibility

A cordless phone that is GAP compatible allows for maximum flexibility. The compatibility means the phone works with any other GAP-compatible base and headset. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who want to add phones around the house or office. In a network of GAP-compatible phones, only one base needs to plug into a phone jack; the others simply need a power source.


6 Intercom

An intercom allows users to communicate across the home through the cordless phones. It is most useful for homes with multiple handsets. A user initiates an intercom message with the base or handset of the phone. Advanced models include a hands-free response feature that allows for simple replies.


7 Handset Locator
Handset Locator

A locator feature is very useful because handsets do not always make it back to the base after a call. When a user presses a button on the base of the phone, the handset rings. This feature allows users to quickly find the phone. An alternative use of the locator feature is to initiate an action. In this situation, an individual pushes the locator button, and another individual with the handset receives the cue to begin when the alert goes off.


8 Caller ID
Caller ID

Caller ID informs users whom the call is from. It allows them to decide whether to pick up, and it also allows the user to call back if they are unable to answer. Caller ID shows up on the LCD screen and typically includes the name and number of the caller.


9 Battery Backup

Most cordless phones come with rechargeable batteries that gain power when on the base. A phone with a battery backup protects users from the loss of phone service in the event of a power outage. Users can insert typical alkaline batteries into the phone. The backup is also particularly useful if the phone is off the hook for an extended period.


10 Multiple Headsets
Multiple Headsets

The convenience of cordless phones increases in a network of multiple cordless headsets. In homes with many rooms, users can have quick and convenient access to a cordless phone. Additionally, individuals can communicate between headsets. Some cordless phones allow for a network of up to 12 phones.


How to Buy a Cordless Telephone on eBay

Individuals who purchase a cordless phone on eBay enjoy the value and convenience of the marketplace. To begin your search for a cordless phone, enter the type of phone you want in the search field on any page. Use the criteria on the page to further narrow the selection, and find a cordless phone from a reputable seller. The wide variety of cordless phones available makes it difficult to select which is best. In order to make the best decision possible, review the top models and determine which features are most important. Then use the marketplace at eBay to find your phone of choice in just a few simple clicks.
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