Top 10 Features for a Remote Control

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In the technological world of gadgets and gizmos, one of the most important accessories is a remote control that does more than just change channels or adjust the volume. Granted, remote controls have been around for ages, but they have advanced tremendously since the first blocky box with a few manual buttons. Modern remote controls can operate a number of devices simultaneously, and often contain some popular special features. Rather than simple buttons, some remote controls even contain smart features. With the large number of remote controls available on eBay, finding the perfect accessory for any device is easy.
1 Universal Capabilities

Unlike standard remote control units that operate only a single device at a time, such as those that come with new electronic devices, some remote controls utilise universal capabilities. These universal remote controls are programmable in order to operate multiple devices, like a television, DVD player, or cable receiver box. Universal remotes save space, and users do not have to reach for multiple remotes to do simple things with their entertainment systems.


2 Personal Computer Capabilities
Personal Computer Capabilities

While many remote controls operate televisions, media players, and other devices, some have the capability to control personal computers as well. Since many computers come with media centre software installed, having a remote control to operate it is almost a necessity. Remote controls with PC capabilities generally use either infrared or radio frequency signals, and sometime even Bluetooth connectivity.


3 LCD Displays
LCD Displays

Rather than just being basic black devices with buttons, some remote controls feature an LCD display. The display on these remote controls often serve a variety of functions, such as displaying the currently selected sources, volume metres, and playback status. The LCD display generally makes it easier to keep track of the device's settings and set up specific programmable buttons.


4 Intuitive Capabilities
Intuitive Capabilities

Intuitive remote controls, sometimes referred to simply as smart remotes, generally operate in a slightly different manner than other remote controls. Rather than pushing buttons to perform actions, the user can simply move the remote itself. These remotes often use a type of point and click interface that utilises a series of accelerometers, and the remote sends signals to the device depending on how the user points it.


5 Voice Commands

Voice command capabilities, commonly found on cellular phones, have been around for some time. However, some remote controls now include this function. Voice command capabilities utilise the user's voice to control a device, rather than pushing buttons.


6 Touchscreen Capabilities

Another popular feature that makes some remote controls easier to use is the inclusion of a touchscreen. Like other touchscreens, these smaller LCD screens allow users to tap icons rather than buttons to control their devices. Some remotes feature only a touchscreen, while others use a combination of touchscreen and buttons.


7 RF Extenders
RF Extenders

An RF extender comes in handy in larger homes where owners hide devices or place them in other rooms. Since radio frequencies have only a limited range, sometimes it is necessary to use an extender to expand the signal's range. Extenders generally work through a small device attached to the remote receiver placed in line-of-sight of the remote control.


8 Macro Commands
Macro Commands

Macro commands,, common in computer environments, simplify processes by combining keystrokes. Remote controls with macro abilities are programmable to do multiple tasks at once, such as turn on and off both the television and DVD player at the same time.


9 Joystick Control

Joystick functions on a remote control are useful for home entertainment systems that utilise a PC as a media centre. Since PC software generally requires mouse input, these remote controls can simulate mouse movement with a simple directional button, or joystick.


10 Bluetooth Capabilities

Some remote controls use Bluetooth connectivity, rather than infrared or radio frequency, to send and receive signals from the device. The popularity of Bluetooth remote controls is primarily due to their ability to synchronise with multiple devices. Bluetooth, however, generally has a shorter signal range than other types of remote controls.


How to Buy Remote Controls on eBay

Buying remote controls on eBay is a simple process. Consumers need only use the website's search function, available throughout the site, to find the desired remote control. It is important for the consumer to understand, however, the different types of remote controls and purchase appropriately. If unsure of which type of remote is required for any device, the consumer should consult the user's manual to find out before purchasing. Once the consumer knows the proper remote type, he or she can search for remote controls that have the features the consumer wants, click a few simple buttons, and have the remote posted to them.
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