Top 10 Printing Calculators

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A printing calculator allows users to keep accurate records of calculations by printing them on paper tape. These calculators typically have 12 digits and are optimised for financial calculations. Many do not have the same functions as basic mathematical machines. However, they are invaluable for professionals, such as accountants, bookkeepers, and tax consultants. Buyers should learn about the top 10 printing calculators before shopping in order to simplify the buying process. Buyers can purchase these calculators from office supply and electronics shops, and online from marketplaces such as eBay.
1 Casio DR-T220
Casio DR-T220

The Casio DR-T220 is a heavy-duty calculator that is ideal for intensive work. It uses thermal printing technology to print up to eight lines per second. It has a percentage calculation key, three-digit comma marker, and Check and Correct function. It also has date and time stamps, and a double zero key.


2 Casio HR-150TEC
Casio HR-150TEC

The Casio HR-150TEC has a large display and prints in black and red. Its functions include currency conversion and tax calculations. The printing calculator features a three-digit comma marker and double zero key. It has rapid correction keys, an item counter, and a grand total memory.


3 Aurora PR710
Aurora PR710

The PR710 is a budget printing calculator from Aurora Electronics with a large display. It is battery or mains powered and has a high-quality Epson print head. The calculator features cost, sell, and margin functions; one-touch key for adding and subtracting VAT; and metric conversions. It has a date and time stamp, four-key memory, and optional item count.


4 Casio HR-8TEC
Casio HR-8TEC

The Casio HR-8TEC is a handheld printing calculator. It is mains or battery powered and prints 1.7 lines per second. The calculator comes with percentage, tax, and currency calculations; and cost, sell, and margin functions. It has a three-digit comma marker, large plus key, independent memory, and rounding selector.


5 Sharp EL-1611E
Sharp EL-1611E

The Sharp EL-1611E is a basic printing calculator. It prints up to 1.6 lines per second and has a print life cycle of 200,000 lines. It is mains or battery powered and has a large easy-to-read LCD display. The calculator has a currency conversion function, four-key memory, double zero key, three-digit comma marker, and percentage calculation.


6 Sharp EL-1607P
Sharp EL-1607P

The Sharp EL-1607P prints in black and red and has a large blue Digitron display. Its printing speed is up to three lines per second. The calculator features integrated tax functions, currency conversion, and percentage calculation. It has a double zero key, three-digit comma marker, sign change, correction key, and item counter.


7 Casio FR-620TEC
Casio FR-620TEC

The heavy-duty Casio FR-620TEC has an easy to read green Digitron display. It features a two-colour printing system that delivers up to 3.5 lines per second. The calculator comes with profit calculation, currency conversion, and tax calculation functions. It has a grand total memory, rapid correction key, item counter, and three-digit comma marker.


8 Canon P1-DTSC
Canon P1-DTSC

The Canon P1-DTSC is a handheld printing calculator with full professional business, tax, and currency conversion functions. It is battery and mains powered. The calculator prints two lines per second in purple ink using ink roller technology and has a choice of an internal or external paper supply. It has an upright angled display, three-digit comma separator, and key roll over. This portable device has a clear LCD display.


9 Sharp EL-1801E

The Sharp EL-1801E printing calculator prints 2.1 lines per second in black and red. It features a large LCD display and works on mains and battery power. It has a currency conversion function, double zero key, decimal setting, three-digit comma separator, and round off and down functions. It has a 300,000-line print life cycle.


10 Casio HR-200TEC
Casio HR-200TEC

The Casio HR-200TEC is a printing calculator with a large display and 2.4 line per second print speed. It prints in black and red, and has a currency conversion feature and tax calculation function. Additional features include a three-digit comma marker, item counter, grand total memory, profit and average calculation functions, double zero key, and rounding selector. The calculator has a rapid correction key, independent memory, and item counter.


How to Buy a Printing Calculator on eBay

eBay sellers offer a range of printing calculators at competitive rates. To search, type keywords, such as " Casio printing calculator", into the field available on every page. This displays all of the items tagged with the keywords. Browse the listings available or refine your search by choosing the most suitable item features. A printing calculator allows users to keep accurate records of common financial calculations for business, tax returns, and currency conversions. Buyers should consider the functions that they require before choosing a printing calculator.
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