Top 10 Products to Clean a Turntable

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For an audiophile, nothing beats the authentic, analogue sound of spinning a vinyl record on a turntable. For some, that means owning the top of the line, most expensive and sought after player. Others find that an inexpensive vintage find can produce comparable sound at a fraction of the cost, once it is clean and restored. Regardless of the condition of the turntable, these top 10 products can get it into prime condition and help keep it producing quality sound for years to come.
1 Windolene Spray Glass Cleaner
Windolene Spray Glass Cleaner

Yes, Windolene Spray Glass Cleaner is great for windows, but this mild but effective cleaner has many other uses, and turntable enthusiasts generally approve of it as one of the gentlest ways to clean many parts on the majority of turntables. Without damaging the surface, Windolene does an excellent job of bringing many of the turntable parts to a shine, including any chrome, metal, plastic, and glass parts.


2 Pledge Furniture Polish
Pledge Furniture Polish

Turntables often have wooden or plastic enclosures, and keeping them in top shape enhances the look of the turntable and the overall experience of playing music on it. Pledge Furniture Polish is a great way to clean and condition the wood and plastic parts, with the added bonus that a surface cleaned with Pledge attracts less dust, keeping the record player looking good and running well longer.


3 Guardsman Furniture Touch Up Marker
Guardsman Furniture Touch Up Marker

For those vintage turntables with wooden enclosures that may have seen better days, all is not lost when it comes to minor dings and scratches. Guardsman Furniture Markers work to touch up such flaws on all types of furniture. They are easy to use, and come in several colours that make matching the wood's current stain a breeze.


4 Car Polish
Car Polish

The record player's plastic dust cover can become scratched over time. While it is not important to the functioning of the machine, scratches do detract from its aesthetic appeal. Many products designed to polish automotive paint also do a good job of minimising small scratches and bringing the dust cover back to its original shine.


5 Leather Cleaner and Conditioner
Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Used carefully and with limited application, a quality leather cleaner and conditioner can help clean and revitalise dry, worn belts. Some belts that are cracked or clearly damaged may need replacing, but one that is in generally good condition may be saved by cleaning and conditioning it. Take caution when deciding whether to condition a belt or replace it. If it is bad enough shape, the belt can cause damage to other components.


6 Goo Gone
Goo Gone

Many vintage turntables have seen quite a bit of life before finally landing in the hands of an audiophile with a mind toward restoring it. Often, previous turntable owners have used tape, stickers, or other adhesives for one reason or another or have allowed gummy residue to build up. Goo Gone is specially formulated to remove adhesives and this type of sticky grime.


7 Onzow Zerodust Stylus Cleaner

General purpose cleaners are great for many turntable cleaning jobs, but when it comes to caring for the parts that make it a quality piece of sound equipment, it is often important to stick with products that manufacturers develop specifically for that purpose. It can be said that there is no more important part of a turntable than the stylus and keeping it clean should be a top priority. Great thought went into developing Onzow Zerodust Stylus Cleaner, which can keep it clean and producing great sound.


8 DeoxIT Contact Cleaner
DeoxIT Contact Cleaner

Metal connectors carry the sound that emanates from the vinyl record. These contacts deserve special attention. DeoxIT Contact Cleaner is considered a one of the best connector cleaners that audiophiles can use to keep the sound crisp and clear.


9 RCA Vinyl Record Care System
RCA Vinyl Record Care System

An important step in keeping a turntable in a condition that allows it to keep producing the best sound possible is keeping the records played on it clean and in a condition that does not negatively affect the turntable's components. RCA Vinyl Record Care System includes everything a record enthusiast need to keep them clean and ready for use on the turntable without the risk of damaging its stylus or other components.


10 Spin Clean Record Washer MKII
Spin Clean Record Washer MKII

Records need regular cleaning, whether the audio enthusiast wants to spend the time or not. The Spin Clean Record Washer MKII makes the job easy and fast. This system works by placing the record in the basin with the cleaner in it and spinning it, letting the cleaner and built in rollers do the hard work.


How to Buy Turntable Cleaning Products on eBay

Car boot sales and consignment stores are great places to buy an inexpensive turntable worthy of restoring, and there are a number of quality ones available on eBay as well. There is no need to pay an arm and a leg for the products needed to clean and restore a used turntable. These items are also available on eBay, generally at bargain prices. Find them by doing a keyword search for the product name. It is possible that a seller may list more than one of these products and may be able to help you save on shipping costs by sending them together, so be sure to look at the other items the sellers have listed. The ability to listen to great sound without breaking the bank is an audiophile's dream.
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