Top 10 Ties for Formal Occasions

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Neckties date back hundreds of years and remain popular with well-dressed men. Designed to cover the buttons on dress shirts, ties also put the finishing touch on outfits designed for both formal occasions and business wear. From silk and wool to plaid and paisley, there are ties designed to match any outfit and style. Though finding the perfect tie is a daunting task, learning some of the top brands, patterns, and types makes the selection process much easier. Buyers can find formal ties at upscale retail shops or they can shop on eBay where they can find them at a more affordable price.
1 Hermes Silk Tie

Established in 1837, Hermes is a French producer of high-quality accessories and perfumes. One popular product produced by Hermes is their line of silk ties. The ties come in a variety of colours including blue, black, and red as well as various patterns, such as paisley. Crafted from heavy silk materials, the ties come hand-rolled.


2 Giorgio Armani Striped Tie
Giorgio Armani striped ties are just some of the many accessories that the company has been producing since 1975. The Italian designer is well-known for its high-end clothing and accessories. The ties come in a variety of two-colour striped patterns, such and dark blue and white. Available in one size, the ties all feature silk and wool construction.

3 Brioni Black Tie

Ermenegildo Zenga 100 Per Cent Wool TieKnown for its line of tailored sportswear and accessories, Brioni has been producing premium clothing since 1945. One product that the family-owned company produces is the Brioni black tie. Made from only the highest quality silk, the ties come in just one size.


4 Richard James Mayfair Paisley Tie

Richard James is a British menswear company founded in 1992. The Mayfair line launched in 2010 and includes high-end accessories, such as neckties. The paisley tie is ideal for adding simple flair to suits and dress shirts. The ties come in a variety of colours, such as blue and yellow, and they are 100 per cent silk.


5 Burberry London Plaid Tie

Known for its luxurious products, Burberry offers a large line of clothing and accessories including London plaid ties. The ties come in various colours, such as black and white and blue and yellow. Made from specially woven silk that gives them a textured finish, the ties feature quality stitching and details.


6 Ermenegildo Zenga 100 Per Cent Wool Tie
Ermenegildo Zenga 100 Per Cent Wool Tie

Ermenegildo Zenga 100 per cent wool ties are just a few of the accessories that the company has to offer. Founded in 1910, Ermenegildo Zenga is a family-owned business that specialises in fine fabrics. The wool ties come in a variety of patterns, such as checked and striped, as well as colours, such as black and grey.


7 Skopes Floral Tie

Skopes is a leader in corporate and business wear for both men and women. Along with clothing, the company offers accessories, such as floral ties. The ties feature various floral designs in an array of colours, such as black and silver. The ties are 100 per cent silk and come in one standard size.


8 Stefano Ricci Polka Dot Tie
Stefano Ricci Polka Dot Tie

Well-known for producing quality clothing for men, Stefano Ricci is a leader in formal wear. Along with the clothing line, the company produces accessories, such as polka dot ties, that add colour and vibrancy to suits and sports coats. Ties come in different shades of black, yellow, blue, and grey and feature either silk or satin construction.


9 Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Tie

Ralph Lauren has been designing ties since the 1960s. The company has grown to produce clothing and other accessories for men, women, and children. Polo Ralph Lauren cotton ties are ideal for adding flair to plain suits and sports coats. Made from high-quality dyed cotton, the ties come in various colours, such as indigo and white.


10 Kiton Geometric Tie
Kiton Geometric Tie
Kiton geometric ties are an excellent choice for adding a touch of style to formal wear. The ties come in a variety of geometric patterns in a large array of colours, such as brownish-grey and magenta. Handcrafted in one standard size with 100 per cent silk in Italy, the ties feature quality craftsmanship.

How to Buy Ties for Formal Occasions on eBay

A necktie is often a necessity when dressing for formal occasions, and finding the perfect one has never been easier. By shopping on eBay, you can find the right tie by using the various filters to search by brand, colour, and condition. When you find the tie for which you are looking, be sure that the seller is top-rated to boost your shopping experience. Ties come in various colours, designs, and materials. With so many to choose from, it is challenging to know which sets your style apart.
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