Top 10 Tools Needed to Repair Receivers

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Repairing a receiver is not necessarily something that anyone can do, but for those who are good with electronics, it only requires the right tools and parts. People interested in learning how to repair their receiver should check to ensure that they have a good tutorial or owner's manual, the correct replacement parts, and the tools to safely take apart and put the receiver back together. These tools and parts are available on eBay where sellers offer used receivers for parts as well as repair kits. An overview of the most useful tools for repairing a receiver can help buyers put together a toolkit.
1 Screwdrivers

Receivers require specific types and sizes of screwdrivers. Buyers should check their receiver to see which type of screwdriver they need and then check to see if they already have it. Phillips screws are the most common. Some receivers require jeweller's screwdrivers, which are very tiny versions of the Phillips screwdriver. A good basic screwdriver set for electronics includes two or three sizes of small Phillips and flat screwdrivers.


2 Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron

A soldering iron is an essential tool for anyone who has to repair broken wiring or metal. Soldering irons apply heat to solder in order to melt it. The result is similar to welding in that the solder holds two bits of metal or wire together. Soldering irons are available in different sizes but, for fixing receivers, buyers should look for the smallest option available, such as a pen soldering iron.


3 Solder



4 Wire Cutters

Wire cutters can cut, remove, and bend wire. While many people already own wire cutters or cutting pliers, a small jewellery pair or electrical pair is easier to use inside of a receiver. Buyers should look for a smaller pair or a set of multiple sizes for working with the smaller wires inside of a receiver.


5 Solder Remover

A solder remover tool is useful for anyone who has to remove old solder before applying new. This tool is very useful when fixing old repairs or repairing broken solder. Removers are safer and easier to use than a screwdriver or knife because they remove the old solder without damaging the interior of the receiver.


6 Solder Wick
Solder Wick

Solder wick is the best way to remove solder from metal objects. The wick heats the solder until it softens enough for a solder remover to take it away. The solder wick is usually a heat-resistant copper wire that transmits heat from the soldering gun without melting itself, and without getting melted solder on the soldering gun.


7 Digital Voltmeter
Digital Voltmeter



8 Alcohol

Basic isopropyl alcohol cleans up glue, tape, or dust inside of the receiver. It also cleans the remnants of old glue, necessary before installing new parts or pieces. Alcohol wipes are practical for anyone who wants to clean an area without making a mess.


9 Cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are useful for cleaning the small spaces inside of a receiver. Cotton swabs are available as cotton balls, cotton buds, and single tipped cotton swabs. Many people already have these in their home.


10 Deoxidizer

A deoxidizer is the last step for anyone repairing a receiver. Deoxidizers clean and resurface electronics using a chemical process to remove the oxygen from the surface of the material with the result of a newer looking surface. Deoxidizers are available for specific metals such as aluminium, as well as for basic all-purpose use.


How to Buy Tools for Repairing a Receiver

The first step to purchasing tools for repairing a receiver is to examine the receiver. Decide which types of screwdrivers it requires, and if possible, consider which replacement parts it needs. Some buyers should wait to take apart the casing to purchase other tools that they need, while buyers who know what is wrong with the receiver can purchase everything they need all at once. eBay offers great deals on tools, replacement parts, and for-parts receivers, so buyers can find whatever they need at a great price. Not all tools work on every receiver, so buyers have to check for compatibility before buying.
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