Top 10 Vintage Bang & Olufsen Record Players

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Vintage record players bring back the charm of old days, when listening to music was a social activity. Many people who are nostalgic about the long-lost sound of a record playing their favourite tunes opt to purchase a vintage record player instead of a modern piece of equipment. Some of the most sought-after vintage record players are those produced by the Danish manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. Learning more about the best vintage record players available in specialised shops or online on websites such as eBay can help music enthusiasts make a good investment.
1 BeoGram 4000

Bang & Olufsen first released the BeoGram 4000 in 1972. It set the standard for state-of-the-art Hi-Fi systems. The turntable features a large platter that a servomotor drives, which was an innovation at the time. The BeoGram 4000 has two arms that work as a tangential tracker. Bang& Olufsen especially designed the SP 15 pickup to work with the BeoGram 4000. This record player is available in two colours, teak and rosewood.

2 BeoGram 4002
BeoGram 4002

The BeoGram 4002 was available between 1974 and 1980. The BeoGram 4002 was the replacement for the BeoGram 4000, and it was very advanced in terms of design and performance. Computer-like logic circuits govern the device and users only have to press the start button to start listening to music within seconds. Buyers can choose from four finishes: oak, teak, rosewood, and white.

3 BeoGram 9000
BeoGram 9000

The BeoGram 9000 first became available in 1988 and it was the first Bang & Olufsen record player to feature an electronic tangential arm on deck. The BeoGram 9000 comes with a remote control and features a special mechanism to reduce the friction between cartridge and record. The BeoGram 9000 is only available in a bronze finish.

4 BeoGram 4001

The manufacturer designed the BeoGram 4001 to match the BeoMaster 4001. The platter is identical to the platter of the BeoGram 4002 and the record player comes without a remote control. This vintage record player is relatively difficult to find, and thus highly valuable.

5 BeoGram 7000

The designer first unveiled this turntable in 1992. The BeoGram 7000 introduced the tangential tonearm with optimum pivot point. This is a fully automatic record player and it comes with a remote control. Buyers can choose from three finishes, namely polished aluminium, black, and white.

6 BeoGram 4004
BeoGram 4004

The BeoGram 4004 first became available in 1978 and was one of the first Bang & Olufsen record players to feature a remote control. The tangential arm of the player, which traces a diagonal of the record instead of an arc, eliminates the skating effect as well as most of the tracking angle error. In addition, users cannot lower the diamond stylus in the absence of a record on the turntable.

7 BeoGram 8000
BeoGram 8000

This stereo turntable featured the best LP available on the market at the time of its launch in 1981. The BeoGram 8000 is part of Bang & Olufsen's second generation of high-fidelity turntables. What makes it distinct is the microprocessor that controls the arm.

8 BeoGram 5000
BeoGram 5000

A record deck only available in an aluminium finish, the BeoGram 5000 is a completely automatic record player. It was a breakthrough model at the time of its launch in 1983, mostly because it allows users to program continuous play for a certain record. The turntable includes an interior light, which stays on when the turntable's lid is open.

9 BeoGram 8002
BeoGram 8002

The <BeoGram 8002 has sleek design and it was first available on the market in 1982. The platter of this record player does not have any contact with the turntable, thanks to Bang & Olufsen's revolutionary tangential-drive system. The BeoGram 8002 is available in teak, rosewood, and white finishes.

10 BeoGram 6500
BeoGram 6500

The BeoGram 6500 record deck comes with an electronically controlled tangential arm and a built-in RIAA pre-amplifier. It is available in all white and polished aluminium finishes. This record player features the Optical Pivot Point system to prevent vibrations from reaching the cartridge.

How to Buy Vintage Bang & Olufsen Record Players

The large selection of Bang & Olufsen vintage record players available on eBay makes it possible for music enthusiasts to find a rare piece regardless of their budget. Performing a search for a vintage record player is easy. All you need to do is type the words ' Bang & Olufsen record player' into the search bar of the website and browse through the pages of results you get. If you know exactly the model you are looking for, you can search for it directly. An important thing to remember when shopping for vintage players online is to check their condition before paying for them. By buying one of the top vintage record players, any audiophile can own a piece of music history.
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