Top 3 DAB Aerial Antennas

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DAB offers a large selection of aerial antennas for use inside of vehicles that include DAB radios. From indoor mounted aerials to antennas that transmit and receive on the side of a vehicle bonnet, DAB designs, constructs, and services high performance antennas. The key to finding the right DAB aerial antenna is learning about the top models.



Indoor mounted aerial antennas provide car owners with a few advantages over outdoor mounted aerials, with protection from the elements and flying debris ranking near the top of the list. The JVC HAL-1 Mk II is one of DAB's top indoor mounted aerial antennas. Easy to mount and maintain, the indoor antenna provides amplified dipole to enhance your listening experience. DAB discovered a way to filter out internal car noises to produce good quality audio. Vehicle owners do not need to drill holes in the dashboard, since the indoor car antenna mounts on suction cups. The antenna measures 495 millimetres long by 37 millimetres wide by 5 millimetres deep, with the cable length reaching 2.5 metres. In addition, the impedance maximises at 50 ohms to provide listeners with little or no feedback.


High Performance Internal Glass Mount DAB Car Aerial

Expert test results and customer reviews conclude the High Performance Glass Mount aerial from DAB provides the top reception. The antenna gives vehicle owners DAB, DAB , and DAB- compatibility for more listening options. The easy to mount antenna fits easily on the rear glass of most vehicles, which ensures the aerial remains intact during long trips. Car owners can attach the inside antenna above heated vents that possess horizontal elements. The frequency range of the aerial runs from 1450 to 1490 megahertz, with the Band III between 170 and 250 megahertz. The company constructs the High Performance aerial with pliable materials that bend, but do not crack or break.



The self-adhesive JVC HAL-4 from DAB requires no holes drilled into the side of the bonnet or on top of the vehicle. Owners use a proprietary adhesive that secures the outdoor antenna and keeps it there even during the worst weather conditions. High winds cannot dislodge the antenna from its reception location. The outdoor aerial features rugged stainless steel to prevent flying debris from compromising the integrity of the pliable antenna. In addition, DAB radio aerial owners can conveniently unscrew the mast before entering a car wash. The rod length of 345 millimetres ensures strong signal quality. The company's JVC HAL-4 dispels the myth that outdoor aerial antennas cannot convert radio signals into crisp audio that resonates with bass.

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