Top 3 Features of an LDV Convoy

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The LDV Convoy is a commercial vehicle that appears under the guise of both van and minibus. Discontinued in 2005, it still operates effectively in the UK in both forms. A very basic utility vehicle, the LDV Convoy may not be the prettiest thing on wheels, but many owners swear by the valuable privileges it does offer. Its great fuel-efficiency, immense cargo storage, and people-moving capabilities ensure it remains a vehicle that owners want to keep for as long as they can. eBay is the place to find this quickly disappearing legacy of a by-gone era at unbeatable prices.


LDV Convoy Van

The LDV Convoy Van is almost as popular for domestic as it is for commercial application. As with vans generally, people purchase them because they need a large capacity vehicle, but the truck-like dimensions of the LDV makes its storage potential enormous. Buyers of the box van varieties can choose between a 90 bhp (brake horsepower) 2.4 L and 2.5 L diesel engine, and a LWB (long wheel base) or XLWB (extra-long wheel base). They can carry loads up to 3,500 kg. The City Van convoy has comparable engine specifications but with a 3,100 kg weight capacity. The popular Hi-Loader convoy comes in both 3,100 and 3,500 kg weight limits. ABS brakes are only available on some models.


LDV Convoy Minibus

The LDV Convoy Minibus offers both 13 and 17 seat passenger capacities. It offers both a 75 bhp and 90 bhp 2.4 L diesel engine. This vehicle makes a popular choice for school excursions. Its high roof allows for plenty of stand-up room. The large, sliding side door provides an easy entry and exit point. Although basic sums up the overall design, the vehicle does offer a sturdy ride. The seats are reasonably comfortable and feature arm and head rests.


1. Economical

The lower horse-power of the diesel engines can struggle with full loads uphill, but despite being notoriously sluggish, fuel economy is a major player in its broad public appeal. Both the vans and minibus versions of the LDV Convoy are heavy vehicles, yet remain leading examples of fuel efficiency to modern utility vehicles.


2. Large Space

LDV convoy spatial dimensions vary according to vehicle format, age, and model, but all display exceptional interior space. Whether for loading boxes, furniture, or people, the interior spatial allowance that LDV Convoys afford exceeds that of many modern utility vehicles.


3. Easy Loading

LDV Convoy vans facilitate forklift loading in both side and rear doors. This serves them especially well in industrial situations. In both the vans and buses, people can stand fully upright inside. Those who habitually load and unload vans and trucks know what a difference this makes.

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