Top 3 Fun Projects for Kids to Do with Chalk

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Top 3 Fun Projects for Kids to Do with Chalk

Natural chalk has been around for at least 90 million years, but everyday chalk sticks are typically made from calcium sulphate, a powdery white chemical. Its water solubility makes for quick clean ups and an ideal drawing medium for children. Some fun projects for kids to do with chalk are writing on the pavement, turning entire walls into chalkboards, and creating and using chalk spray.


Draw on the Pavement with Chalk

There is a good reason why some tubs of chalk are specifically labeled "pavement chalk". Although the makeup of this chalk is no different from regular chalk, the sticks are usually much larger than average and perfect for drawing big, bold lines on the pavement. Hopscotch is a common game to play using squares drawn with chalk. Children can also busy themselves by "painting" the pavement a brighter colour, or simply drawing as they do on paper. Pavement chalk is rinsed away with rainwater or water from a garden hose. The safest place to draw on the pavement is often in front of your home. Some businesses and universities don't like pavement chalk and may view it as vandalism. If your child really wants to draw outside his or her school or favourite shop, ask for permission first.


Turn a Room into a Chalkboard

Chalkboard paint is now commonly available across the United Kingdom. However, parents can also make chalkboard paint themselves with only a few ingredients: unsanded tile grout, flat-finish latex wall paint and chalk. These ingredients must be mixed in the proper ratios to create chalk paint. It goes on walls, doors, or floors like regular paint. Even kids can help paint as long as the area is well-ventilated.  Once it is dry, the surface must be smoothed with sandpaper, and then the dust can be cleared with a vacuum and mop. Now the children of your household can use chalk on a large, indoor surface without damaging anything. To condition the large chalkboard wall, simply rub a piece of chalk against it while holding the chalk sideways.


Make Your Own Chalk Spray

Chalk spray is generally made from food colouring, flour or cornflour and water. Although it is not a "true" chalk, neither are the chalk sticks people use every day. However, the benefits of chalk are that most parents already have these common ingredients in their cupboards. Simply combine them in the proper ratios in a spray bottle and shake. Children can use the spray to paint sidewalks, and if the ratio is correct, the spray dries resembling chalk. Parents should warn children against using the spray on cars and other valuable objects. While chalk spray is water soluble, it is more difficult to remove from cars, especially after a hot day.

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