Top 3 Gory Horror Films

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Top 3 Gory Horror Films

Many enjoy watching gory horror movies because of their ability to instill fear and shock viewers without causing them any real danger. Building a complete set of the goriest of the gory takes time and proves challenging for some. The following films represent the top three gory horror movies of all time and would make great first selections for a budding horror film collection.


Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

When making this Japanese horror film, the crew must have used hundreds of gallons of blood. In Tokyo Gore Police, the violence ranges from self-mutilation to a very intense scene in which a woman's legs turn into a raging crocodile that murders a nearby man. Every few minutes a new situation emerges in which someone tortures or decapitates someone else. The movie establishes and "us versus them" mentality between evil engineers and a less evil, but still horrifically violent, young girl. The unbelievable amounts of ridiculous mayhem often results in the delight and laughter of gore horror movie aficionados.


Bad Taste (1987)

The premise of Bad Taste plays on a marriage of humor and horror with plenty of cheesy camera shots and disgusting guts. In the movie, aliens take over a town by eliminating its population before hunting down additional humans and harvesting their skin for their fast food chain in space. What's more, the extraterrestrials must finish this task before a competing intergalactic franchise takes over the market. The violence starts when the group of aliens faces off with a governmental team determined to put them out of business. The violence results in the slaughter of many of the men. One scene even features the aliens marinating one of them.


Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979)

No top gore list would be complete without a horrific zombie flick to round it out, and there are many to choose from. However, Zombie Flesh Eaters arguably reigns supreme when it comes to blood spatter and carnage. In one of the film's more iconic moments, a woman suffers a spike right through her eye, and of course, many scenes include the devouring of victims' intestinal tracts and other innards. Another pits zombie against shark underwater. Director Lucio Fulci sets the destruction on a creepy Caribbean island. His zombies portray death better than more modern takes on the creatures by masterfully exhibiting rot and decay. Although dominating the zombie genre, Zombie Flesh Eaters does not own gore glory alone. Other favorite gory flicks featuring the living dead include the Zombi films and Dawn of the Dead, which also came out in the 1970s.

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