Top 3 Patterns for Casual Dresses

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Top 3 Patterns for Casual Dresses

Casual dresses come in a variety of patterns. When deciding, it is important to keep in mind those that best flatter your figure. Slimmer figures should flaunt their body shape in lighter coloured patterns, while heavier women may choose to hide their imperfection with patterns darker in colour.


Floral Patterns

Floral dresses tend to give off a casual vibe and often make their appearance in the warmer summer months. When looking at the options, take into account the size of the floral pattern. Large floral patterns create a bold fashion statement, while dainty floral patterns add a degree of sophistication and help to create a light, feminine feel appropriate for the heat. Moreover, consider the colours used. If planning to accessorise this type of a summer dress with a cardigan or scarf, match them with the background colour of the floral print. Avoid mixing any other patterns, as floral summer dresses look best when matched with block colours.


Polka Dot Patterns

Rarely seen in formal contexts, polka dot dresses give off a casual, flirty vibe. These dresses may feature polka dots of varying or uniform size. Larger, colourful polka dots give off a whimsical and fun feel, while smaller polka dots are considered dressier. Polka dot patterns come in a wide array of colour combinations, so choose based on personal preferences.


Striped Patterns

Striped dresses are both fun and flattering and make a great addition to any women's selection of casual dresses. Before deciding, think about the width of the striped pattern relative to your body shape. Vertical, skinny stripes can help elongate your figure, while broader, horizontal stripes may shorten your appearance.


Body Shape

Stripe Pattern Considerations


Vertical stripes help elongate your shape and divert attention from body width; stick with darker stripes, as contrasting colours add more depth; consider thin stripes, especially around your midsection.


Stripes should all go in the same direction to best accentuate your figure; wear horizontal stripes only in the places you want to appear curvier.


Dresses with thick stripes on the top half help broaden your shoulders; vertical stripes on the bottom half make your hips and butt look slimmer.


Thick horizontal stripes help create curves.


Still, it is important to take into account the colour of the women's casual dress. Stripes in a traditional blue-and-white or red-and-white colour palette are sure to impress, while seasonal options, such as pink, yellow, lavender, or bright green create a fresh and sophisticated look.

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