Top 3 Rarest Vintage Transformer Figures

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Top 3 Rarest Vintage Transformer Figures

Fans of vintage toys often seek out rare examples to add to a collection. For Transformers fans, rare figurines from the 1980s release of transformable figurines can make for great additions to a collection. Getting to know some of the rarest vintage Transformer figures can help collectors zero in on the perfect addition to their collection.


Fortress Maximus

The largest Transformer toy ever released in the Transformers series, the G1 release of Fortress Maximus measures up at 56 cm tall. The Headmaster Base release of Fortress Maximus with the Japanese ID number C-114 is one of the rarest Transformer figures by far. This enormous robot has two transforming modes: one that turns him into a city and one that turns him into a battle station. The head of Fortress Maximus forms by combining two additional figurines, Cerebros and Spike. Additionally, these two figurines can also transform together to form a character known as Cog or work individually with Headmaster Nebulan figures. In a mint-in-the-box or MIB version of this toy, consumers find an array of accessories, including the Spike and Cerebros headmaster units, a photon rifle, a dual laser cannon, a mini laser rifle for Cerebros, Cog's laser rifle, and a radar scope. Japanese versions include master swords for Cerebros and Maximus.



The very first female Transformer, Minerva is sometimes referred to as Minelba or Masterforce Minerva. The rarest version of this Transformer is the exclusive Japanese release in the Transformers Super-God Masterforce series, ID number C-303. Minerva is actually the Headmaster unit on this figurine; when she plugs into the transformable robot, the figure's tumblers engage and allow it to transform. Minerva transforms into a medical vehicle, and in boxed condition, comes with a transtector, a seat and helmet, left and right shock blasters, and a shock gun. Collectors may also come across a variety of other Minerva figurines, including PVC versions and parody deformed versions that emphasise Minerva's feminine traits rather than her transformational robot characteristics.



A targetmaster sniper from the Japanese Transformer mythology, Artfire transforms into a fire engine and works in tandem with his targetmaster companion, Nightstick, who transforms into a space beam gun. There is limited additional information about Artfire's storyline and role in Transformer mythology, adding to the rarity of this figurine. The rare version of Artfire is the Targetmaster 1987 release from the first generation out of Japan with the Japanese ID number C-108. This vintage toy comes with a variety of accessories, including two wings, a gun mount, and left and right fists. This figurine is a retool of Inferno and transforms specifically into a Mitsubishi Fuso fire engine. An MIB version of Artfire C-108 should also come with Nightstick, his Targetmaster partner.

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