Top 3 Rattan Table Décor Items

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Top 3 Rattan Table Decor Items

You can decorate rattan tables with green plants, glass tops, and wooden trays. Focus on decorating with complementary or contrasting colours and materials. Remember to keep pets and safety in mind, especially when placing live plants or candles around your home.


Decorate Rattan Tables with Green Plants

Rattan furniture is created from peeled, raw rattan palms. The furniture has a natural, earthy appearance thanks to its organic origins. Potted green plants go well with rattan tables for a number of reasons. It keeps up the natural look, in addition to being a complementary colour. Green and brown are opposite each other on the colour wheel, so the combination is appealing to many people. Place any kind of bright green plant on a rattan table to spruce it up. If you have pets, make sure the plant is non-toxic to them since rattan tables are often low to the ground. You can always invest in a fake plant, which requires less upkeep anyway, although some pets also eat plastic or silk leaves when feeling bored.


Decorate Rattan Tables with Glass Tops

Many coffee tables and side tables come with a glass top. Glass is attractive, simple to clean, and protects the surface underneath. This kind of décor is less common with rattan tables; however, glass can provide an interesting contrast to the earthiness of rattan. You can order a custom glass top or buy a rattan table that comes with one. There are also ready-to-ship glass table toppers that are made in a variety of sizes and might fit your rattan table. Measure the table and compare it to the table toppers available. Not only can you decorate with glass, but it can extend the life of your furniture by protecting it from spills and reducing wear and tear in general.


Decorate Rattan Tables with Wooden Trays

Although they readily accept paint and can be any colour, rattan tables tend to be light brown, which is their natural colour. A deeply stained wooden tray complements the earthy feel of the table. You can place small, decorative items of your choice in the tray. Some people use candles, especially cream-coloured or red candles of varying heights. Other people use decorative balls in teal or green. When using candles, keep safety in mind by preventing children and pets from touching or knocking over the candles. In addition, never leave a burning candle alone in a room. Despite being treated or painted, it is still possible for a rattan table or wooden tray to catch fire or at least smoulder, creating smoke. If using candles, consider keeping them as a nonfunctional décor rather than lighting them. They'll look new and pristine that way anyway.

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