Top 3 Rope Exercises

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Top 3 Rope Exercises

Exercising with ropes may sound a bit strange, but these workout routines are not for the faint of heart. Training ropes are large, heavy, and long, and users can create heavy-duty workouts with them that increase cardiovascular endurance, build core muscles, and improve general fitness. If training ropes are not available, thick ropes like climbing ropes and decking ropes are good alternatives. The various exercises range in level of difficulty, so even beginners can start routines and gradually work up to more advanced workouts.


The Plyo Pushup

Rope exercises are convenient because you can perform the workouts anywhere as long as you have a rope and an anchor for the rope. The plyo pushup also requires a hard, flat surface. The routine is an advanced workout for the upper body, core, and legs. Start by looping the rope around the anchor and getting into a plank position with the ends of the rope in each hand. Lower your body to the ground using your arms as though you are doing a pushup. However, once the body is a few inches away from the ground, push off of the ground, lift the hands, and slap the rope before coming back in contact with the ground. Do this 10 times and take a break. Rest for 45 seconds and repeat the whole process three times.


Rope Waves

The simplest and easiest way to get used to exercise ropes is by swinging them around. This may sound easy, but the patterns must be consistent, and the ropes are heavy. Rope waves are great upper body workouts for the arms, chest, and back. Start by holding an end of the rope in each hand and spreading the arms out as far as they will go. Move them toward the centre together to create a wave pattern with the ropes. Continue to do this back and forth motion for 30 seconds. Another pattern involves holding one arm above the head and one below. Alternate the arms up and down to create an up and down wave with the ropes. Do this in 30-second intervals.


Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are ideal for a full body workout. Attach the rope to the anchor and back away. Start waving the workout ropes up and down or side to side as discussed earlier but this time incorporate a squat jump after every three waves. To do this, bend at the knees without letting the knees extend past the toes. Once the body is about halfway to the ground, jump back up. After landing, do three more waves and then repeat the squat jump. Repeat this 10 times and rest before doing another two rounds.

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