Top 3 Vintage Dressing Tables

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Top 3 Vintage Dressing Tables

Vintage dressing tables, or vanities, are a great way to add a touch of old fashioned charm to your bedroom. Commonly used for the application of makeup and styling of hair, these vintage furniture pieces typically feature a low table or chest of drawers with a mirror.


Kneehole Dressing Tables

Kneehole dressing tables, sometimes referred to as writing tables, feature a recessed centre meant to accommodate the knees of the sitter. Renowned for its comfort, the table dates back to the early 18th century. Some vintage styles are constructed out of dark, ornate wood, such as walnut, while others are white; white vintage dressing tables often feature hand-painted designs. Vintage kneehole dressing tables offer sufficient counter space and typically feature a centre mirror, proving the ideal location for applying makeup and fixing hair. Storage drawers may also be featured on both sides of the vanity. When shopping, look for those that come with a plush, skirted stool. These vintage dressing table stools were popular during the 1920s and 1930s and are of perfect width and height for the table. Note that angular tables that feature more prominent edges are often more modern.


Masculine Dressing Tables

Vintage masculine dressing tables, although less popular, typically consist of a chest of drawers or a tallboy with a mirror atop. They also offer ample countertop space for pocket items, such as a wristwatch, billfolds, money clips, and cuff links. Unlike women's dressing tables, these old dressing tables lack a kneehole and chair, as there is little need to sit in front of the mirror; instead, the man would stand.


Skirted Dressing Tables

Skirted dressing tables are similar to traditional dressing tables; however, they feature a gathered skirt that reaches floor length, allowing for hidden storage under the table. This type of vintage furniture generally features an oval-shaped mirror attached to the centre back; the softness of the mirror's curves give the room a romantic feel. Likewise, the table's corners tend to be rounded, while the top of the furniture legs may also be faintly or substantially curved. The centre section, while hidden, may be of lower level that the rest of the unit. Additionally, many feature semi-circular drawers, adding to their elegancy; the handles of this old furniture are often in a distressed metal shade, such as brass or silver. When shopping, consider models that feature images of vines or roses along their edges or on the table top. These carvings were especially popular during the 1920s and add a degree of femininity to this vintage bedroom furniture.

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