Top 3 Ways to Customise Your Apple Computer

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Top 3 Ways to Customise Your Apple Computer

A computer is a prominent feature in most homes and offices. Most computer users spend more than a few hours each day in front their computer, so customising it to suit your needs is a good investment. If you own an Apple computer, you can choose to customise it in three general ways including, productivity, aesthetics, and comfort.


Apple Computer Productivity Customisations

Productivity customisation is often the first step to any computer improvement project. The fact is, if your computer is more efficient, you can get more work done in less time and with less frustrations. In increasing productivity and efficiency, you may need to improve some hardware features such as memory, processor, and hard drive. An increase in hard drive and memory capacity as well as processing speed will increase how well your computer processes and responds to command. It is best to buy an Apple computer with all the components that are adequate enough for your needs in the first place, but if you need to upgrade and customise, ensure that you are not voiding your computer's warranty. Also, you should acquire certified Apple parts and accessories to ensure complete compatibility.


Apple Computer Aesthetic Customisations

Aesthetic customisations cover the visual aspect of your Apple computer. Some customisations may be physical external upgrades, while others may be limited to software upgrades and the introduction or customisation of specific applications. For instance, you could make changes to your screensaver and desktop background to represent a more peaceful image or an image that you appreciate. People often choose pictures of their children, pets, favourite singer, or movie scene. Icons can also be changed and colour themes can be adjusted. On the physical side, you can choose to change your Apple mouse, keyboard, speakers and other input/output devices to suit a particular colour scheme or style.


Apple Computer Comfort Customisations

If you work with computers or spend more than just a few hours in front a computer each day, the use of ergonomic equipment is highly recommended. Ergonomic items are specially designed to provide the utmost comfort during use, so as to avoid stress or injury, For instance, you could choose to upgrade to an Apple ergonomic mouse that is designed to fit your fingers in such a way to reduce stress and strain from constantly holding and clicking it. Apple ergonomic keyboards are also designed with a specific shape and/or padding in specific areas to avoid pain and injury to the wrist and phalanges during extensive use. If your Apple computer is not already affixed with an anti-glare monitor, you should consider purchasing an external monitor filter to protect your eyes and decrease the chance of optical discomfort due to prolonged computer use.

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