Top 5 Above-Ground Pool Ladders

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For people who live in a warm climate and experience even mildly hot summers, pools are an essential part of making it through the heat. While in-ground pools generally provide a better experience and has some advantages over an above-ground pool, its out-of-the-ground cousin is still highly popular. Above-ground pools offer the benefits of portability, lower maintenance, and are generally a bit shallower than in-ground pools, with a wide variety of sizes available. For larger above-ground pools, a ladder is often required for people to get in and out of the pool. Finding the right above-ground pool ladder is often a daunting task for first-time buyers, but with some knowledge of the top 5, finding the right one becomes easier.
1 Intex 12-58972 Pool Ladder (91 cm)

This Intex Pool Ladder is an affordable and optimal choice for anyone with a medium sized pool. Measuring 91 cm high, the A-frame ladder measures is compatible with above-ground pools with up to the same wall height. Solid and sturdy, this pool ladder features high impact ABS plastic steps, which provide extra strength and a longer life for the ladder. It is capable of withstanding a considerable amount of weight, with the maximum weight load per step coming out to about 135 kg. With an affordable price and efficient design, the Intex 91-cm high pool ladder prove to be a ladder worthy of any compatible above-ground pool.


2 Bestway 48" Pool Ladder (122 cm)
Another top above-ground pool ladder is the Bestway 48" Pool Ladder,, measuring at approximately 122 cm. This makes the ladder great for pools of many sizes, particularly large pools with high side walls. The ladder features a strong, A-frame design with three sturdy steps as well as a platform at the top of the ladder. With a durable design and emphasis on affordability, the Bestway 48" A-Frame Pool Ladder is the replacement ladder for nearly any above-ground pool.



3 Blutex Deluxe Swimming Pool A-Frame Ladder
The Deluxe Swimming Pool A-Frame Ladder from Blutex is a premium above-ground pool ladder. This versatile, high quality, resin ladder is easy to assemble and best to use with a 122 cm or 132 cm deep above-ground pool. The A-frame pool ladder features four steps, rather than the more traditional three-step design, a removable outer staircase, and a 52 cm high handrail at the top. With its versatility, easy eight-piece assembly, durable design, and affordable price, the Blutex Deluxe Swimming Pool A frame Ladder is a great choice for anyone with a large above-ground pool.
4 Intex 12-28060 36" Pool Ladder (91 cm)
Intex 12-28060 36
The Intex 12-28060 36" Pool Ladder is a perfect small to medium-sized pool ladder, compatible with pools up to 91 cm in height. The ladder is easily set up and features a durable design, complete with a coated steel frame and high impact plastic steps. Additionally, the ladder works great with both Framed and Easy Set pools.. With the absence of protruding bolts, as well as an easy assembly and setup, versatility, and sturdy A-frame design, this pool ladder proves to be another quality product from Intex.



5 Wilton Bradley 41336 48" Pool Ladder (122cm)
The Wilton Bradley 41336 48" Pool Ladder is a highly durable above-ground pool ladder that works great with any pool up to 122 cm in height. The A-frame pool ladder features a coated steel frame and high impact plastic steps with ridges. These ridges provide extra grip and support, making it harder for swimmers to accidentally slip when entering or exiting the pool. Equipped with features to ensure longevity and swimmer's safety, the Wilton Bradley 41336 48" Pool Ladder can meet the needs of anyone seeking a replacement above-ground pool ladder.

How to Buy Above-Ground Pool Ladders

For anyone who is looking for an above-ground pool ladder, eBay is a great place to shop, as it is an online global marketplace, where people from around the world sell various products. Simply enter the keywords "above-ground pool ladder" into the search bar to see relevant products on sale. You can further refine your results by entering specific information, such as ladder size, or by browsing through the categories. Anyone who owns an above-ground pool knows that a sturdy ladder is necessary. While most above-ground pools come with a compatible ladder, sometimes, people find themselves in need of a new one. Fortunately, with a bit of research and smart shopping, finding an above-ground pool ladder on eBay is easy.

How to Buy Above-Ground Pool Ladders

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