Top 5 Accessory Bundles for Your Tablet

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Tablets are highly portable devices that can function like a laptop, but are a fraction of the size. To keep these devices up and running, as well as protected, requires some accessories. A case, stylus, SD card, and charger often come in accessory bundles for your tablet. Buying a set of accessories means that you have all of the essentials without having to shop for individual items. Learn about the top five accessory bundles for tablets, including the Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, and Kindle Fire, before making a purchase from an electronics shop, department store, or online at eBay.
1 Leather 360 Degree Case, Film, Stylus, and Headset for Nook HD
Leather 360 Degree Case, Film, Stylus, and Headset for Nook HD

Buyers can make the most of a Nook HD with a versatile leather 360 degree case and accessory bundle, containing a stylus, headset, and protective film. The heavy-duty cover protects the device from scratches and other damage, and allows easy access to ports and controls. The case transforms easily into a hands-free, 360-degree rotating stand for viewing videos and other media at a range of angles. The protective film and stylus help users to avoid scratches, fingerprints, and smudges on the touch screen. The stylus features a round end for the maximum level of accuracy. The headset completes the package and allows Nook owners to listen to audio without disturbing others.


2 Google Nexus 7 Tablet Accessory Bundle
Google Nexus 7 Tablet Accessory Bundle

The Google Nexus 7 accessory bundle consists of a durable, hard case, stylus, film, and USB cable. The case features a magnetic flap that keeps the device protected when not in use. It folds into a stand that allows the owner to use the device hands-free. The round-tipped stylus can be used at any angle, and clips securely onto a pocket or bag. The ultra-clear, custom-cut protective film repels dust and prevents scratches to the touch screen. The 2-in-1 micro USB cable allows the user to simultaneously charge the device and transfer data between the tablet and a PC.


3 KitMaster Accessory Bundle for Amazon Kindle Fire
KitMaster Accessory Bundle for Amazon Kindle Fire

The KitMaster accessory bundle contains 14 items for the Amazon Kindle Fire. The set offers the maximum level of protection with three separate covers, as well as a protective film. Owners can use the versatile black folding leather case and stand, or slide the device into the silicon case or nylon zip sleeve for lighter alternatives. Chargers and cables keep the Kindle powered and connected, and a handy cable wrap prevents tangled wires. A stylus and headset make the Kindle easier to operate, and a drawstring pouch keeps all of the accessories in one place.


4 Leather Case Stand, Screen Protector, and Stylus for Samsung Galaxy Tablet
Leather Case Stand, Screen Protector, and Stylus for Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The three-item bundle for the Samsung Galaxy tablet provides owners with the essentials. The sturdy leather case protects the device from accidental bumps and scrapes. The case also functions as a folding horizontal stand that offers hands-free use. The universal lightweight stylus prevents scratches and fingerprints from damaging the touch screen. The pre-cut reusable protective film for the screen provides added protection with its tough, transparent surface, and leaves no residue when it is removed.


5 Case, Adaptor, and Data Cable Set for ASUS Tablet
Case, Adaptor, and Data Cable Set for ASUS Tablet

A three-item accessory bundle provides a practical solution when travelling with an ASUS tablet. The leather case is custom designed to fit each specific ASUS tablet model, with magnetic sensors that put the device to sleep when the case is closed to save valuable battery power. The case doubles as a flip stand, allowing the device to sit upright for viewing or slightly raised for typing. It has an elasticated holder, which keeps the stylus handy. The slim, compact EU travel charger adjusts to all voltages and frequencies, eliminating the need to carry multiple chargers. The USB data transfer cable is compatible with both Macs and PCs.


Finding Tablet Accessory Bundles on eBay

Buyers can feel comfortable taking their tablets on the go by purchasing one of the top accessory bundles. These sets offer protection and portability for all major brands of tablets. eBay's user-friendly search features make it easy for shoppers to find the top accessory bundles for the Kindle Fire, Nook HD, Samsung Galaxy, and other tablets. Search using keywords, such as " tablet accessory bundles" and use the category filters to narrow down the results. Look for Top-rated sellers and consider the feedback left by previous buyers before committing to a purchase.
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