Top 5 Bookshelf Speakers

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Whether listening to music, movies, or television, possessing quality bookshelf speakers allows the listeners to hear the full range of sound at whatever level they desire. In addition, this type of speaker often has a number of other features to go along with its audio enhancement, such as surround sound. Choosing a bookshelf speaker includes taking both features and other factors, such as the appearance of the speakers, into consideration. Learning about some of the best bookshelf speakers on the market can help consumers make an informed decision when they shop for bookshelf speakers on eBay or at local audio stores.
1 Polk Audio RTi A3
Polk Audio RTi A3

The RTi A3 bookshelf speaker by Polk is a large speaker, measuring approximately 21 cm by 37 cm by 36 cm. With its curving cabinets and elegant cherry colour, this speaker fits naturally into small rooms despite its size. The RTi A3 boasts a 15 cm woofer and a 2.5 cm tweeter that work together to produce clear and reliable sound in every range. Distinguishing features of this speaker include the curving cabinets, which help to eliminate annoying resonances, and Polk's Dynamic Balance, which allows the speakers to operate clearly and consistently without sound distortion. In addition, the RTi A3 speakers come with Power Port bass venting, which smooths the sound as it leaves the speaker in order to keep it as clear and undisturbed as possible as it moves through the room.


2 Klipsch B-20
Klipsch B-20

The B-20 bookshelf speaker by Klipsch is small, at about 18 cm by 32 cm by 20 cm. However, it is also one of the more sensitive speakers on the market, due to horn-loaded tweeters that channel the high-frequency sounds towards the listener. The result is that the drivers send louder sound towards the listener and use half the power doing so than many other speakers. The B-20 comes with a 13 cm woofer and a 2 cm tweeter. Its black ash vinyl covering helps to ensure that the speaker matches almost any style or room.


3 Boston Acoustics CS 26
Boston Acoustics CS 26

The CS 26 bookshelf speaker from Boston Acoustics is one of that company's line of affordable, entry-level speakers with good acoustics. The CS 26 speaker is very small, at about 31 cm by 25 cm by 20 cm, and easy to install. This two-way speaker comes in a square cabinet and possesses two drivers: a 17 cm woofer and a 2.5 cm high-frequency driver. It also boasts the company's Deep Channel design, which includes graphite in the construction of the woofers to help even out and improve the bass sound.


4 Polk Audio TSi100
Polk Audio TSi100

The TSi100 from Polk utilises much of the same technology as does the company's RTi A3, but for less money. This bookshelf speaker is smaller, at about 18 cm by 28 cm by 16 cm, so it fits easily into smaller rooms, and has a smaller driver, at 13 cm. However, it possesses the same Dynamic Balance technology that allows the speakers to operate clearly and consistently without sound distortion and consists of a strong, reinforced design that eliminates resonance interference. The speakers' port venting system smooths the sound as it leaves the speaker in order to keep it as clear as possible. The construction and small drivers improve the dispersion of sound throughout the room. The TSi100 comes with brackets for easy wall mounting and either a black or a cherry finish to suit most styles. This speaker works best with a separate subwoofer.


5 Dayton B652
Dayton B652

The B652 bookshelf speaker from Dayton is another small but high-quality bookshelf speaker. At about 18 cm by 30 cm by 17 cm, it fits easily into smaller living spaces. It is a two-way speaker with a 17 cm woofer and 2 cm dome tweeter that enhance and utilise the full range of sound. The tweeter is accurate and able to communicate sound faithfully up to 20,000 Hz. This speaker works best with an additional subwoofer. It comes with an understated black vinyl covering.


How to Buy Bookshelf Speakers from eBay

Purchasing bookshelf speakers from eBay is simple. First, decide which features you want in a bookshelf speaker. Decide what kind of look, driver, sensitivity, and size work best for your needs. Then, enter 'bookshelf speakers' or the name of a brand into the search bar on any eBay page. You can then sort the results by factors such as brand or configuration. Bookshelf speakers provide a realistic and high-quality listening experience without commanding the space of larger floor speakers. Choosing one of the top five bookshelf speakers allows the listener to experience excellent sound.
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