Top 5 DLT Tape Drives

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Magnetic data storage is one of the technologies one turns to when having a lot of data to store. It has fast transfer rates and access time, and the copy is quite reliable. DLT, a popular technology that implements the magnetic data storage has evolved a lot over the years. These days, there are even Super DLT drives, which represent the same concept with a greater storage capacity. The top five DLT drives easily fall into the SDLT category, as there are no faster drives available on the market. A brief description of these top models can help buyers decide which drive provides an adequate solution for their needs.
1 Quantum SDLT 600
Quantum SDLT 600

The Quantum SDLT 600 drive is a good choice for growing businesses. It has a high capacity and provides users with enhanced memory management capabilities. The compressed capacity of this drive is 600 GB and it comes paired with a compressed transfer rate of 72 MB/s. SDLT 600 is the first drive that can utilise the full advantages of the DLTSage. This data management solution provides a set of proactive tools that reduces management time and improves the drive's reliability. A notable feature among the many in the DLTSage package is the Write Once Read Many functionality, also known as WORM. This functionality comes at no added cost and it gives the drive advanced performance. Even without compression and advanced management, this drive offers impressive 300 GB storage space.


2 HP StorageWorks SDLT 600
HP StorageWorks SDLT 600

The HP Storageworks SDLT 600 is an external tape drive with a Low Voltage Differential interface. This drive has a compressed capacity of 600 GB with a transfer rate of 72 MB/s. With no data compression, this drive offers 300 GB, along with a transfer rate of 32 MB/s. The speed and capacity are both identical to the Quantum model, which suggests that these two drives have achieved the physical limit of the technology. This model has an average access time of 79 seconds and a buffer size of 64 MB. It comes with several software tools for memory management. The most notable ones being the TapeWare XE and the HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools. Both are highly capable and provide fast and reliable memory management.


3 Quantum SDLT 320
Quantum SDLT 320

Quantum SDLT 320 is another powerful high capacity model providing seamless integration with six generations of DLT drives. This means if a company has already invested in technology with DLTtape IV and Super DLT I, they can continue to use the media with this drive. SDLT 320 comes with the DLTSage. This advanced management system allows users to manage, predict and prevent system problems. The compressed capacity of this drive is 320 GB with a 2:1 data compression, and it can achieve a compressed transfer rate of 32 MB/s.


4 Dell PowerVault 110T SDLT 320
Dell PowerVault 110T SDLT 320

The Dell PowerVault 110T SDLT 320 is a model similar to the Quantum SDLT 320. They both have a compressed capacity of 320 GB and a compressed transfer rate of 32 MB/s. The native capacity is 160 GB, paired with a transfer rate of 16 MB/s. This drive also has a burst transfer rate of 80 MB/s. The PowerVault 110T falls in the category of workgroup and enterprise servers equipment. Users can connect this device either as internal or external via the Wide Ultra SCSI-2 and the Low Voltage Differential interface. Another similarity with the Quantum SDLT 320 is that this device is also backward compatible. It can read DLT 8000, 7000, 4000 and VS80, and it can read and write SLDT 220.


5 Quantum DLT V-4
Quantum DLT V-4

The DLT V-4 is a nice solution for small to medium sized businesses. Quantum has designed this model with enterprise class features and cost-effectiveness in mind. DLT V-4 offers users a chance to protect and secure their vital data at a very low cost per GB. The drive has a compressed capacity of 320 GB and a compressed transfer rate of 20 MB/s. This is four times the capacity and three times the speed of a DAT 72 drive. Connectivity is among the strong sides of the DLT V-4. The drive connects via SATA or internal USB and eliminates the need of host bus adapters. As all other Quantum models, this one also offers superior manageability with DLTSage. It even has the WORM archival functionality and it creates reliable backup copies at a reduced time.


Finding DLT Tape Drives on eBay

eBay has many DLT drives to offer. Start from any eBay page and just enter the name of the model you desire in the search bar. This instantly renders a list of highly relevant results buyers can easily process. Those that wish to see all the offers rather than a specific model, can use a more general query as 'DLT drive'. This approach creates a large list of every DLT model eBay has to offer. Use the filters and subcategories to make the list shorter and more relevant. The condition filter is a handy tool as it allows users to separate new models from used ones. There are also some great low budget offers on the used market, so buyers should find the time to check it out.
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