Top 5 Data Centre Uninterruptible Power Supplies

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Adding an extra layer of protection for valuable data processed through servers of all sizes, a data centre uninterruptible power supply shoulders the load when power outages or other disasters strike. During normal day-to-day operation, the device stores power in its rechargeable cells to be ready at a moment's notice, thereby ensuring instantaneous backup to keep data processing smoothly. Even though the run time of the power supply is relatively short, the device stands in until backup generators or stand-by sources activate. Whether the unit comes from a local electronics store or online at eBay, a brief look into the top data centre uninterruptible power supplies allows shoppers to make swift and confident purchasing decisions.
1 Riello Master Plus 100kVA MPT UPS

The Riello Master Plus 100kVA MPT uninterruptible power supply delivers power and stands strong until backup generators or other long-term power backup systems have time to activate. Master Plus technology improves loading and release and allows for the connection of up to eight units in tandem, even if they possess different power ratings. The compact size of this UPS allows for efficient placement in a central location within the server room or data bank, and complete access to top and front panels facilitate easy hookups as well as extra ventilation. This device has a power control rating of up to 80 kW and provides up to 5 minutes of power at full load.

2 Mega V2 125-250kVA UPS

With the ability to add up to 10 modules, the Mega V2 uninterruptible power supply provides benefits such as dual tier serviceability as well as quick local maintenance thanks to the open case design, LED screen, and the downloadable online maintenance software. This device easily handles job such as temporary server reboot as well as frequency conversion, and the IGBT technology ensures the device runs at 96 per cent or higher efficiency while taking up minimal floor space. Operating at a frequency of 47 to 63 Hz, the Mega V2 prevents power surge or overload and provides up to five minutes of backup power.

3 Riello Multi Dialog 80kVA UPS

Lightweight and efficient, the Riello Multi Dialog UPS provides both small and large data banks and server control stations with up to 5 minutes of emergency power at full load after a power blip or other temporary interruption. This helpful device features a three-phase input and output and has the potential of expansion with additional battery packs to cover even more datacentre devices while keeping running costs low. This online UPS possesses a power rating of 64 kW and users can configure it via on-screen controls as well as remotely via software download.

4 Eaton 93PM 30kVA UPS

A successful blend of performance, reliability, and efficiency, the vertical Eaton 93PM uninterruptible power supply saves space and manages easily via remote software access or by using the controls displayed on the on-board LCD screen. With a power rating of 30 kW to 200 kW, this unit proves compatible with multiple attached modules running at 380, 400, or 415 volts, even if the components do not all possess the same voltage requirements. The low cost of ownership coupled with an efficiency rating of over 97 per cent makes the 93PM suitable for all sizes of datacentres and IT environments responsible for handling sensitive data and automation processes.

5 Mega V2 Modular 125-500KVA UPS System

Designed to reduce cost while providing an unbeatable level of backup protection, the Mega V2 Modular uninterruptible power system possesses both fixed control and power-switching modules to provide temporary power support. This device proves suitable for small and large IT departments as well as the data centres for banks, automated clearinghouses, and medical offices. The Mega V2 operates with a frequency response of 50 to 60 Hz with related power output of up to 500 kW for dependable power, and the managing of tasks such as adding and removing modules and monitoring status levels proves simple via on-board controls or remote software manipulation.



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