Top 5 Defrost Timers

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The defrost timer is a part in the fridge owners are usually unaware of until it starts to malfunction. All modern fridges have this part and its main function is to prevent ice from building up in the back. To do its job, the defrost timer needs to periodically activate and deactivate a system of defrost coils placed in the back of the fridge. The defrosting intervals are similar on different fridge models, and there are many OEM parts and universal models fridge owners can use to repair their unit. Those that wish to change their defrost timer on their own, should definitely consider purchasing one of these top five models.
1 Ranco 8 Amp Defrost Time

The Ranco defrost timer is a universal model. It works with an input of 240 V, 50 Hz and 8 A, which means it is well suited for the UK market. Buyers can install it in any refrigerator that works on the UK grid without any problem. This timer provides a 20 minute up time interval every eight hours. Its design is quite simple. On the outside, the whole surface is highly durable plastic, with two small holes for screws. The case has two parts that connect to one another with plastic clasps. This is highly practical for those that wish to open the timer and meddle with repairs. The universal connector pins protrude from the bottom of this unit and are the only visible metal elements.

2 Paragon Defrost Timer
Paragon Defrost Timer

The Paragon defrost timer is a model similar to the Ranco 8 Amp. It works with the same power input and provides an identical defrost period of 20 minutes every eight hours. This device is universal by design and can match the exact OEM features and specifications on many fridge models. AEG, Electrolux, Tricity Bendix and Zanussi models can use this device without any compatibility issues. One can search the Web to find a complete list of domestic refrigerators this device is compatible with. Even on the outside, there is no great difference between the Paragon and the Ranco unit. This device is also white, and has an energy saving plastic construction.

3 Supco Adjustable Defrost Timer
Supco Adjustable Defrost Timer

Those who wish to have better control over the defrosting process can buy the Supco Adjustable Defrost Timer. This timer comes with several settings that put the defrost frequency between four and 12 hours in time intervals ranging between 10 and 35 minutes. Users can control the settings with two knobs on the timer's surface. Both knobs have a description beside them. One of them reads 'defrost frequency hours' while the other one reads 'defrost time minutes'. There are also small numbers that mark each knob's position. The arrow on the knob indicates which setting is currently active. The Supco Adjustable Timer is compatible with various Hotpoint, Creda, Zanussi, AEG, Beko, Belling, Electrolux, English Electric, General Electric, Lec, Leisure and Tricity Bendix models.

4 Sankyo TMDE706ZC Genuine Indesit Timer

When it comes to some Indesit modes, a universal timer is simply incompatible. The pin positions on a universal timer and an Indesit fridge socket do not match at all. This is why; in some cases, it is crucial that users purchase an OEM part. The Sankyo TMDE706ZC Genuine Indesit Timer is a certified replacement part for a range of Ariston and Indesit models. Keep in mind, this does not mean all models of this brand can use it.

5 Gemline Universal Kit

The Gemline universal kit offers a solution for those that cannot pinpoint their refrigerator troubles. This kit has a Gemline defrost timer and a Gemline thermostat. A user can replace both the thermostat and the defrost timer for a small price and solve the problem without spending too much time on determining which part is faulty. The timer works on six hour intervals with a defrost time of 21 minute and there is no way for users to alter it. Those that own a fridge that requires a more specific defrost regime should consider purchasing a programmable model.

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