Top 5 Dining Sets for Families With Children

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Families with children often have trouble finding dining room tables and chairs that meet their needs. It is important to look for tables that are large enough to sit the amount of family members. Moreover, other considerations include sturdiness, colour, and style, so that they last long and coordinate with other furniture in the room. Overall, rectangular tables can accommodate more people than round tables. Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind and learning the features and characteristics of the top 5 dining sets can help families with children make a dining set that can meet their needs and look good in their dining room.
1 Galvin Cafeteria Table

The Cafeteria Table by Galvin measures 1.4 m long, 1.1 m wide, and 0.8 m high and features four attached stools in a design similar to tables found in many cafeterias. The seats are 36.1 cm in diameter and sit 47.2 cm from the floor. The table weighs 97.2 kg. The lenga wood and metal construction give the table some style and helps ensure that it lasts for a long time. Families who need additional seating may want to consider buying coordinating Galvin Industrial Stool.

2 Bjursta Borje Table and 6 Chairs

Families can convert the Bjursta Borje table from Ikea, which seats six, to accommodate up to eight people with the extended leaves that store underneath the table. This farmhouse style table has an ash veneer that can take rough treatment from most children. Moreover, the solid wood particle board under structure stands up to most punishment. The accompanying solid beech chairs have an open back with four vertical pieces evenly spaced out in the middle. Most spills and stains simply wipe off thanks to the veneer coat on the table and chairs. Furthermore, the removable chair covers can be machine-washed. This dining set is available in two different colours: a white table with sand coloured chair covering or a brown table with white coloured chair coverings.

3 Hayley Wooden Dining Set

The Hayley Wooden Dining Set is available in two different sizes. The medium table is 115 cm long and 71 cm wide, while the large table is 137 by 81.3 cm. The wooden rectangular table with large corner legs either seats four or six depending on the table size. Buyers can choose plain wood dining chairs or ones with padding. Matching the table legs, each Hayley chair has large wooden legs and four large, evenly spaced out, wooden vertical slants on the chair back. The natural wood look allows for any dings or marks on the table to naturally blend into the overall appearance.

4 Out There Carissa 7 Piece Rattan Cube Set

The Carissa Rattan Cube Set easily seats six people in large rattan cube chairs with machine washable pads. Each 95-cm tall rattan chair has a 63-cm base, which means children cannot easily tip over in the chair. The table measures 190 cm long and 125 cm wide and features has a glass surface surrounded by rattan. This set is available in mixed choco, black, and grey.

5 Tank Table and 4 Plumb Chairs

The Tank Table with four plumb chairs is an extended leaf table that converts to a larger table. When extended, the table is 230 cm long, 90 cm wide, and 76 cm high and can seat up to 10 people. Each brush stainless steel footed chair offers a modern design with a slanted back. The chairs have a rounded, modern design. The extended leaf stores in the base of the white table with a high gloss finish that makes it easy to clean. The chairs are available in a variety of colours, including red, yellow, green, black, and grey.

How to Buy Dining Sets for Families with Children on eBay

Families can find great choices on dining sets on eBay. To start shopping, just go to any eBay page and type in "dining sets" or the particular model that you are looking for. If you want to check out some deals on family dining tables and chairs, then make sure to take a look at eBay dining furniture deals. Since these sets are large and heavy, make sure to consider sellers located close to you and see if pickup is available to avoid postage and packaging costs. When you are looking for dining sets for families, make sure to consider these top selections before choosing one to seat your family.
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