Top 5 Features of Two-Way Radios

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Two-way radios allow individuals to communicate with each other over short to medium distances by utilising the same radio frequency. Two-way radios operate via a push-to-talk scenario where the operator can talk or listen but cannot do both at the same time. The two-way radio remains in receiver mode until the button is pushed to talk. Two-way radio sets come in several variations, including portable handhelds, stationary base units, and mobile units installed in vehicles. Several key features make two-way radios an excellent choice for users who need to communicate with each other quickly, especially in locations that are remote or have limited access to other communications.
1 Radio Headsets
Radio Headsets

Radio headsets plug into the two-way radios headphone jack and enable the user to hear conversations directly through ear buds or over the head earmuffs. Earmuffs completely cover the user's ears and help them to hear conversations even in noisy environments. Ear buds fit into one or both ears and enable users to listen to conversations while working or moving around. Over the head units feature both single earphones that cover one ear or dual versions that cover both. Radio headsets often feature boom microphones that enable users to communicate back and forth by simply activating the button on the two-way radio without having to hold the unit. Some radio headsets feature activation controls on the cord that enables the user to either talk or listen by simply activating the convenient switch.


2 Speaker-Microphones

Speaker microphones enable users to control the communication functions of the radio without having to remove the actual radio from a belt or storage pouch. The speaker microphone plugs into the headphone audio jack and acts as both remote speaker and microphone. The speaker microphone features a push button on the unit that the user activates when they want to talk. When the button releases, the unit remains in receiver mode and monitors all communications. There are several speaker microphones available that offer advanced features such as digital displays that tell the user which channel the radio is set to along with knobs to control volume and change channels. Some of the more advanced speaker microphones feature integrated GPS technology that allows location identification for the user, which is useful for emergency personnel. Other units offer water resistance and continue to operate even if submerged in water.


3 Radio Batteries
Radio Batteries

The primary advantage of two-way radios over other forms of communication is their portable nature and ability to operate in remote locations without a power source, which means that two-way radios rely on rechargeable batteries for power. Rechargeable radio batteries come in different configurations and power ratings depending on the requirements of the individual radio. Many batteries feature specific designs for use in a particular radio, while others accept rechargeable batteries and battery packs. Model specific battery packs come in a variety of styles from actual battery packages with specific connectors to packs that snap into the back of the radio and are part of the radios design.


4 Radio Battery Chargers
Radio Battery Chargers

Whether a two-way radio requires rechargeable batteries or a model specific battery pack, they all recharge using specific battery chargers. Some radios feature removable batteries that swap out with freshly charged batteries. Other radios recharge by setting the radio into a cradle charger that charges the radio without having to remove the battery pack. Cradle charges are a popular option for users with multiple radios that see constant use. Cradle chargers come in single charging units as well as multi-unit configurations that allow users to charge several radios at a time. This is an excellent option that individuals or organisations that frequently use two-way radios for daily operations.


5 Radio Clips and Carry Cases
Radio Clips and Carry Cases

Portability is one of the more unique aspects of two-way radios, so methods to help individuals carry, transport, and utilise radios while on the job give two-way radios more functionality. Specialised clips hold the radio securely and attach it to the user's belt for ease of carry. Another method used to carry two-way radios is holster and cases that fit over the radio and help protect it from incidental damage. These cases and holsters also feature a clip that enables them to attach to the users belt.


How to Buy Two-Way Radios Items on eBay

Whether buyers are in the market for a quality two-way radio or a related accessory or component, the powerful search tools available on eBay make it easy for them to find and purchase the right component at the right price. Buyers simply enter a specific keyword such as "two-way radio" into the search box located on any eBay page; the results display all relevant listings to that keyword. If the result listings are too broad, buyers have the ability to select from various subcategories in order to refine the search results and narrow the returns. The powerful shopping tools on eBay make it safe and easy for shoppers to find the exact two-way radios and components they need at great prices.
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