Top 5 HP Docking Stations for Laptops

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Of all the advancements in technology throughout the 20th century, perhaps the most important was the creation of the home computer. Starting as large, heavy, and slow machines, computers have, and are, continuing to evolve into smaller, faster, and more technologically capable devices. One such example is the laptop computer, praised for its portability and functionality. One particularly useful accessory for HP laptops is the docking station offered by the company, which allows the user to seemingly transform the laptop computer into a desktop computer, without sacrificing the convenience of portability. However, docking stations are not always compatible with all computer models, making it important that the consumer knows what to look for.
1 HP 90W Docking Station
HP 90W Docking Station

The HP 90W docking station is an exceptionally well-made and well-rounded docking station. It allows the user to properly align the computer to the device easily and quickly, as well as allowing the user to use USB devices and other peripherals. The dock features three video input ports, as well as the necessary ports commonly used on desktop computers. Additionally, it charges the laptop when connected to the dock, even during use, making for greater convenience when the user needs to take the computer with him or her on the go.


2 HP Docking Station for ElitePad
HP Docking Station for ElitePad

Another choice product, the HP docking station for ElitePad,, is also available from the popular computer manufacturer. For the ability to quickly and easily access content on any USB device, the docking station features four USB 2.0 ports. Additionally, it features VGA and HDMI ports, allowing the ability to connect the computer to an external monitor or other similar device, and making it ideal for the ever-evolving world of technology. Finally, it supports the Windows 8 "Snap" user interface feature, allowing the user to view two separate applications in the Windows Store when the ElitePad connects with an external monitor.


3 HP 230W Docking Station
HP 230W Docking Station

One of the main features of the HP 230W docking station is its ease of use, as this docking station allows the user to simply connect the device and use. It features ports typically found on desktop computers, such as PS/2 ports, and is great for enabling the use of both legacy and current technologies. In addition, the docking station charges the computer when connected, making it great for those who wish to use their laptop at home and on the go. Finally, it features both USB 2.0 and 3.0 interface ports, for instant connectivity with USB devices.


4 HP Docking Station HSTNN-I09X
HP Docking Station HSTNN-I09X

Offering versatility and convenience, the HP docking station HSTNN-I09X is another top docking station choice from HP. Equipped with four USB 2.0 ports, audio line-out and line-in ports for the ability to connect speakers and a microphone, and both VGA and DVI video output ports, this docking station aims to offer the complete package. It also features PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports, a parallel (legacy printer) port, a serial port, and an Ethernet port.


5 WA995AA HP DVD/RW Ultra Slim Expansion Base/Docking Station
WA995AA HP DVD/RW Ultra Slim Expansion Base/Docking Station

The WA995AA HP DVD/RW Ultra Slim expansion base/docking station is not the average docking station. Designed for the HP 2740p tablet PC, it allows the user to optionally mount the station both in a stationary setting and in a mobile setting. The docking station offers the convenience of added peripherals, such as a CD/DVD RW drive, without the hassle of having to plug or unplug the peripherals.


Other Laptop Accessories to Consider

Chances are, consumers in the market for HP docking stations are looking for ways to enhance their user experience with their laptops, or for additional functionality. Fortunately, there are plenty of different types of laptop peripherals, many of which are unique and bring something new to the table. Such peripherals include laptop cooling pads, spare batteries, and wrist rests. Laptop cooling pads typically attach to the bottom of the computer, and provide additional cooling to the computer, which ensures the safety of internal components by preventing heat damage. Spare batteries are useful for nearly anyone, but especially for those who use the computer for business, as they offer a layer of protection from the possibility of a dead battery or power failure. Finally, wrist rests are often ergonomic devices made to lessen the pressure placed on the wrists when using a keyboard or mouse.

How to Buy

Finding HP docking stations for laptops is an easy process with eBay, an online marketplace which features various items from around the world. Simply enter the keywords "HP docking station" in the search bar for a list of available items. Refine your search by entering specific keywords which are more relevant to your desired results or browse through the various categories on the website. Desktop and laptop computers, while typically able to perform the same functions, are quite different from one another for many reasons; the most obvious is the portability associated with laptops. However, for those who wish to use their laptops with the benefits of a desktop, purchasing a docking station is necessary.
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