Top 5 Hidden Digital Video Recorders

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Most commonly called Nanny Cams, hidden digital video recorders are a useful item to have on hand for a variety of reasons. Whether for security or to monitor any activity in the home, there are a wide array of digital video recorders available for sale on eBay. Some high quality digital video recorders are disguised as everyday household items. Others look like video cameras but are designed to be hidden so that only the lens is exposed. Choosing the right one is a simple matter of evaluating individual circumstances and deciding which digital video recorder features are most applicable to the situation.
1 Spy Camera Alarm Clock Video Recorder
Spy Camera Alarm Clock Video Recorder

With a VGA resolution of 720 x 480 and video recording time of up to 12 hours, the Spy Camera Alarm Clock Video Recorder is a popular Nanny-Cam option. Motion detection video activation allows the unit to power up only when it detects someone in its field of view. This spy camera is equipped with a remote control that remains effective from 15 meters away and supports a 32-GB micro SD card. The 40 square meter recording scope covers a large field of vision and also captures audio.


2 Covert Hidden PIR Sony CCD Security Camera
Covert Hidden PIR Sony CCD Security Camera

A high quality, motion activated Sony CCTV camera with a built-in 3.7-mm cone lens and a passive infrared (PIR) maximum detection range of 10 meters makes the Covert Hidden PIR Sony CCD Security Camera a highly rated option for hidden surveillance. Activated by motion, this popular hidden camera measures just 48 by 120 by 70 mm.


3 MP3 Player Hidden Camcorder
MP3 Player Hidden Camcorder

Easily back up camera footage to a computer after recording video and audio with the MP3 player hidden camcorder, a great option for people who are on the go and may sometimes need to secretly record what is going on around them. The storage capacity varies, but many MP3 players with hidden camcorders easily hold 1500 songs and up to two hours of full colour footage with accompanying audio. The pinhole camera lens is located in the middle of the reset button on the front of the player, and the microphone is next to the headphone jack.


4 SpyCamera CCTV Mini Hidden Pinhole Spy Camera
SpyCamera CCTV Mini Hidden Pinhole Spy Camera

This Mini Hidden Pinhole Spy Camera by SpyCamera CCTV includes a covert colour video with audio recorder and a receiver. Watch video with AV input on a TV, VCR, or DVR. Wireless audio and video transmission is effective up to 50 meters from the receiver. Measuring just 2 by 2 by 2 cm, this wireless spy camera can secretly monitor a room. A high grade CMOS chip records 380TV lines of full colour video for a clear picture.


5 Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera
Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera

Disguised as a plain electric outlet, this electrical outlet hidden camera device conceals a mini DVR with a SD card. Simply plug the outlet into the wall to power the device. Easy to set up, it has Motion Detection Area Masking to allow pets to move around freely without activating the camera. Time and date stamp, 380 line resolution, 3.7-mm wide-angle lens, and high quality continuous record time of eight hours make this a popular option for areas of the home that require extra supervision.


Comparison of the Top 5 Hidden Digital Video Recorders

Many highly rated digital video recorders are equipped with motion detectors to save battery life and eliminate the need to filter through footage that shows only an empty room. The Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera has Motion Detection Area Masking in addition to motion detectors. This helps people with pets exclude the animals from the device's field of vision. The Covert Hidden PIR Sony CCD Security Camera also has automatic motion detection.
For people who may need to record events outside of their home, the MP3 player hidden camcorder is a multifunctional device that serves as both a digital video recorder and an MP3 Player. The spy camera alarm clock video recorder is a good option for people on the go who need to put a room under surveillance while they are away.

How to Buy a Hidden Digital Video Recorder

Purchasing a hidden digital video recorder on eBay is easy. Simply conduct a search by typing the search term into the search field located on any eBay webpage. Be sure to evaluate the listing carefully and pay attention to the seller's feedback score and comments left by previous customers before making a purchase. There are many high-quality digital video recorders available at a wide array of price points. Finding the best one for an individual circumstance is a simple matter of evaluating the features of each video recorder and deciding which one is the best fit.
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