Top 5 Image Software Packages

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With a slew of image software packages on sale, buyers may be unsure of which software to choose. While some users can make do with free image software packages, some others, like professional photographers, require software that offers complicated functions. Both realms have their share of top alternatives. When it comes to buying image software packages, buyers can turn to shops that sell software, although shopping on online platforms, like eBay, tends to offer more options. In either case, buyers should establish if they wish to buy an image software package, and then move on to establishing a budget, and searching for one in accordance with their required features.
1 Adobe Photoshop Elements 11
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11

This image software makes it to Techradar's list of the best image editing software for photographers and has received more than a favourable review by Consumer Search. In addition, Elements 11 is highly recommended when it comes to simple designing and photo editing. This version has not seen too many changes in terms of tools when compared to its predecessor, although it offers users a cleaner looking interface, as well as new templates, effects, and filters.

2 Adobe Lightroom 5
Adobe Lightroom 5

Adobe Lightroom 5 is included in the list of top photo editing software by Consumer Search. This image software also makes it to Techradar's list of the best image editing software for photographers. Lightroom 5 is ideal for photography aficionados, given that it comes with a good RAW file converter and organiser. Lightroom 5 is capable of handling multiple image formats and it offers a streamlined arrangement of editing tools, although it does not really help when working with composites, masks, and layers.

3 Serif PhotoPlus X6
Serif PhotoPlus X6

Serif PhotoPlus X6 makes it to Techradar's list of the best image editing software for photographers, and is a good low-cost alternative that offers tools and features similar to those found in more expensive image software packages. PhotoPlus X6 comes in the form of two distinct portions that comprise of PhotoPlus X6, the image editing software, and PhotoPlus, an organiser.


GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP, is a free image software package tthat finds favour with many novice users, and it depends on a growing community of voluntary developers for maintenance and improvement. It offers users a range of professional-level tools, although it does come with a rather steep learning curve.

5 Paint.NET

Paint.NET is also a free image software. This software makes it to Digital Trends' list of the five best free image editing tools and Techradar's list of the best free photo editing software. It comes with good editing basics, some very good special effects, and also supports layers.

Comparing the Top 5 Image Software Packages

Not all of the image editing software packages come with the same set of functions. In addition, while some of them are free, others are not. Each also comes with its share of pros and cons, as can be seen in the table below. There are free alternatives that can help deal with tasks that do not require too many features. As a result, buyers should narrow in on the features that they are looking for and take it from there.

How to Buy the Top 5 Image Software Packages on eBay

Buyers who are looking for the top image software packages can find a wide variety when shopping on eBay. Buyers can find image software packages sold by top-rated sellers on eBay, which can help to offer peace of mind. Since buyers can find image software packages for varied prices, establishing some kind of a budget at the onset can help. It can also help to narrow in on required features and look for image software in accordance. Some sellers on eBay offer deals with free delivery. Buyers can also find used image software packages when shopping on eBay; however, it is important that consumers pay attention to a software package's condition.
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