Top 5 Kits for Adding Lights Inside a Car

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Individuals who wish to personalise their vehicles have a variety of customisation options from which to choose, including installing custom wheel rims, undercarriage lights, pin striping, and interior light kits. While undercarriage lights, at least in certain colours, are illegal in some parts of the world, the laws regarding interior lighting are often less stringent, which is why many vehicle owners opt for interior lighting over exterior lighting.Individuals looking to purchase light kits find a variety of items to fit every vehicle make and model. When shopping for interior light kits for vehicles, prospective buyers find them in retail shops, or they should check out the selection of top items and pricing on eBay, as the site has great deals on interior car light kits.
1 LumaFlex LED Strips 10675 Light Kit

The LumaFlex LED strips 10675 light kit, by PlasmaGlow, features bright white LED lighting in a flexible, waterproof strip. The strips come with 3M adhesive to mount them virtually anywhere, which is quick and easy. Each strip measures 90 centimetres long and features 30 LED lights for every 30 centimetres. Individuals use the strips as they are or cut them to size to fit any area.


2 Expandable Million Colour Pro SMD LED Interior Light Kit

SMD's Expandable Million Colour Pro LED interior light kit comes in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of every vehicle owner. Kits include either 10-centimetre or 30-centimetre flexible tubes fitted with RGB LED lights. The Million Colour Pro SMD LED kit includes also includes 18 single colour modes, as well as two strobe modes, two fading modes, one colour flashing mode, and one sound activation mode. The kit comes with a control box and mini USB connectors as well as a wireless remote to easily switch colours or modes.


3 Ultra Bright In Car Interior Neon Lighting Kit

The ultra bright in car interior neon lighting kit features ultra bright LED tubes with low-battery consumption and minimal heat output, so they are safe to install anywhere. These durable LED tubes come in four colours: blue, red, green, and pink, so users mix it up or order all one colour for a dramatic lighting look. Users control the settings, which include flashing, strobing, and sound responsive modes, directly at the control box or by using the wireless remote control. Tubes are approximately 23 centimetres in length and contain 8 LED lights each.


4 Decorative EL Cold Light Wire with Music Sensor Light Kit

The EL cold light wire with music sensor light kit features thin, flexible wires available in a variety of colours, including red, green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, dark blue, sky blue, yellow, and white, and offers dynamic flashing as well as music responsiveness with the included music sensor. Users twist and shape these tubes into any form, which is why they are perfect for lighting a vehicle's interior, as they conform to nearly any shape. These neon light wires are 2.3 millimetres in diameter and available in 1, 2, 3, and 5-metre lengths.


5 Atmosphere Lights Decoration Lamp Light Kit

Each light in the atmosphere lights decoration lamp light kit measures 6 centimetres, so they are perfect for those small areas motorists want to light up or enhance inside their vehicles. The kit includes four lights, each of which has three blue LEDs, and double-sided adhesive strips, which makes installation a snap. Each light in the kit is connected to the cigarette lighter plug via a 2-metre cord, allowing these lights to be installed nearly anywhere inside the vehicle. A removable fuse inside the plug allows users to control the lights without having to move from the driver's seat.


How to Buy Interior Car Light Kits on eBay

Individuals who want to browse the listings for interior car light kits on eBay should go to the site and type that phrase into the search box. Shoppers looking for specific colours or brands, for example "purple interior car light kits", should be sure to include that in the search box as well.While car light kits vary greatly in price, depending on the technology and how many lights are included in the kit, they are a great option for those who want to enhance the look of their vehicle's interior without spending a fortune. Buyers should be sure to check out the selection on eBay for the best possible prices and selection.
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