Top 5 Monitor, Night Vision Camera, and Intercom Combination Unit

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For total home protection, homeowners should not rely on a camera, intercom, or monitor exclusively. Many manufacturers develop all-in-one alarm systems that allow homeowners more control over who enters and leaves their property. Some security systems go one step further by equipping cameras with night vision, a handy viewing mode that enables users to see guests, objects, and surroundings clearly after dark. With so many monitor, night vision camera, and intercom combination units available, shoppers should take time to educate themselves on the most popular brands and systems on the market. The top five systems connect to homes and apartments, making them flexible for use in multiple types of residences as well as for when shoppers decide to purchase or rent new property.
1 VIS300-7M2

Developed as a no-fuss-no-muss solution for home security, the VIS300-7M2 functions is a hands-free system. The VIS300-7M2 connects to pre-existing doorbells and provides a view of the homeowner's entrance using adjustable mounting points. When a party approaches and rings the doorbell, the VIS300-7M2 issues audio and video alerts. The homeowner can survey entrance and decide whether or not to invite them inside. For extra convenience, homeowners can unlock the door from afar after connecting the VIS300-7M2 to a door strike.


2 TOMTOP 7-Inch Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom Kit
TOMTOP 7-Inch Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom Kit

Equally fashionable and compact, the TOMTOP 7-Inch Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom Kit promotes customisation and accessibility. Users mount the camera on a wall using an adapter and hook-up kit included in the box. Homeowners can then tailor the TOMTOP to their liking by selecting from a dozen doorbell sounds, tweaking the volume of the intercom and the brightness of the monitor, and repositioning the kit if they prefer a different viewing angle. Several additional options protect the TOMTOP while it protects the residence. TOMTOP surrounds the box in an aluminium alloy panel that protects it from rain, and the 7-inch LCD screen sips battery power rather than gulp it.



Targeted at households that see lots of foot traffic, the ENTRYVUE VD-950 snaps a picture of every visitor that rings the doorbell. At any time, the homeowner can sift through the pictures to see every guest that approached the property. The monitors feature touchscreen menus for intuitive usage, and homeowners can direct the ENTRYVUE VD-950 to take pictures in different formats for easier viewing. For particularly busy occasions such as parties, homeowners can install a 2 GB Micro SD card to boost storage capacity. The call forward function also demonstrates the ENTRYVUE VD-950's emphasis on customisation. With call forward enabled, homeowners can speak to anyone at the door, as well as unlock the door, using a mobile phone instead of the intercom.


4 Gatekeeper GK300-7M2
Gatekeeper GK300-7M2

The Gatekeeper <GK300-7M2,, manufactured by Defender, promises consumers simple usage and installation. Within minutes, homeowners can wire the security system into their doorbells using the two-wire audio and video arrangement. From there, the GK300-7M2 operates according to user-friendly standards. Children staying home alone can keep an eye on the front door with the press of a button rather than opening the door for strangers, setting parents' minds at ease while they enjoy a night out. Modelled after similar home security systems, the GK300-7M2 allows users to open their doors from afar. Simply connect the system to a door strike and press the opening button to admit guests. Visitors know when to enter by listening for a click outside the door.


5 Swann DB-815 High Resolution Intercom
Swann DB-815 High Resolution Intercom

Allowing for total user control, the Swann DB-815 High Resolution Intercom directs users to the 17-cm LCD display. A bevy of knobs and buttons permit control over the doorbell volume and jingles, the brightness of the screen, and more. The indoor unit's images and sounds come from an outdoor unit users can mount near their doors. Guests interact with homeowners via the outdoor unit, operating the doorbell button and speaking into the microphone. Swann sets the DB-815 apart from the security system pack through the crisp display. The night vision camera works up to 4 m away, and the system comes with a 15-m extension cable to accommodate unique entryways. Although the DB-815 does offer some weather-resistant proofing, homeowners can keep the system healthy by sheltering it from the elements.


How to Buy Monitor, Night Vision, and Intercom Combination Units on eBay

eBay makes purchasing monitor, night vision, and intercom combination units simple. Visit any eBay page and plug in a keyword phrase into the search bar. Try for specific phrases such as "Speco Technologies" to narrow down results to particular manufacturers or systems, or enter general terms such as "burglar alarm" for a larger, more varied list of results. Keep in mind that eBay's sellers offer new and used versions of the top five all-in-one home security systems. They also sell systems from other manufacturers such as GSM, as well as individual intercom and night vision components for shoppers looking to expand pre-existing setups. In some cases, sellers invite local buyers to pick up, eliminating the cost of shipping.
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