Top 5 Operating System Partition Software Programs

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Desktop and laptop computers that possess large capacities require disk partitions. Ideally, users want to split hard drives into partitions to assign the operating system and software programs to designated drives. Operating system partition software programs protect important personal and business files whenever the operating system fails due to computer viruses. Although safety features comprise the most important buying factor, consumers must consider the capability to resize, create, format, split, and copy partitions. Consumers can find affordable operating system partition software programs on eBay. Before they search eBay, consumers should review the top five operating system partition software programs.
1 Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2012 Suite
Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2012 Suite

The Hard Disk Manager 2012 Suite from Paragon allows users to control partitions, virtual environments, backup strategies, and operating system migrations. In addition to earning several top five partition software program awards, the Hard Disk Manager Suite 2012 also includes basic utility tools that include the capability to migrate a physical system to a virtual environment. Paragon's 2012 Suite works with every Windows operating system that includes both the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. Users can run the operating system partition software program with the SATA, SCSI, SSSD, and USB 3.0 interfaces. Compatibility includes the software supporting removable media formats, such as DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 2012 provides users with the tools to split partitions, merge partitions, and perform automatic partition alignments. Users can backup and restore to and from FTP, as well as selectively restore operating system files and programs.


2 Easeus Partition Master 7.0.1 Professional

Operating system partition software can be difficult to understand, but Easeus has developed code that simplifies the set-up process. Users find the features within the taskbar that Easeus places on the top left corner of the introduction page. The Partition Master 7.0.1 Professional alleviates the devastation of losses caused by viruses with the Recovery Wizard, a data recovery feature that also restores lost partitions. Users can restore data using the automatic mode, which recovers deleted or lost partitions on the open spaces of hard drives. Manual recovery provides users with more control over the data recovery process. Easeus has developed a feature called the Disk and Partition Recovery Wizard, which allows users to copy data on another partition or onto a separate hard drive. The wizard copies data file-by-file, backs up information on a GPT disk, and resizes partitions to store more data.


3 Paragon Partition Manager 11 Personal

The all-in-one partition software manager from Paragon allows users to backup data to several types of storage devices, including portable flash drives. Users can also use the hard drive management software to clone entire hard drives or designated partitions. Cloning hard drives or specific partitions moves data from an antiquated desktop or laptop to a new computer. Data lost to power outages or viruses restores the original state without the need to run another application to recover the data. Paragon offers several features within Partition Manager 11 Personal. Users can defragment hard drives, install new operating systems, and manage multiple operating systems. The boot manager provides users with a simple way to create the parameters of their operating systems.


4 Spotmau PowerSuite 2011

Spotmau PowerSuite 2011 provides users with a health check feature that scans the entire hard drive to look for errors that impede operating system performance. As one of the top five operating system partition software programs, PowerSuite 2011 either fixes individual errors or it expunges every error from the system. The health check feature prevents operating systems, such as Mac and Linux, from slowing down or crashing. The Spotmau Secretary feature includes a calendar, memo pad, and clock to organise hectic personal and professional schedules. Spotmau also includes a restore feature that restores backup files and folders to their original condition. Users must remember to backup files and folders to enjoy the restore feature provided by Spotmau PowerSuite 2011.


5 Avanquest Partition Commander 11

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2012 SuiteAll of the commands for operating the Avanquest Partition Commander 11 appear in the main menu. This means users do not have to navigate through complex file directories to find the commands that enhance the performance of their laptops or PC desktops.. The setup wizard guides users through the entire setup process, enabling them to decide upon which features to include through the software program's multiple prompts. Avanquest Partition Commander 11 evaluates every proposed user change to prevent the erasure of important files and folders. Any questionable changes produce a display screen that asks users whether they want to apply or discard the proposed changes. The defragmentation feature frees up valuable storage space, which improves the speed of the operating system.


How to Buy Operating System Partition Software Programs on eBay

To evaluate the quality of eBay sellers, you should examine the information that eBay places on each seller's product page. First, confirm the operating system partition software program by examining the enlarged photograph of the program. Confirm that the program provides instructions for operating systems developed in English. Review the accepted payment methods and delivery terms of the sellers. Ensure quicker delivery times by choosing sellers who live in the United Kingdom. Finally, read the customer feedback that eBay compiles on seller product pages. Consider sellers who have earned positive feedback over the past year for selling software programs.
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