Top 5 Phonographs

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Investing in a phonograph is often one of the larger purchases consumers make. With so many units available on the market, it is can be confusing for the average or novice consumer faced with information that is confusing to understand and compare. Finding the correct phonograph to suit the buyer's needs while providing the quality of sound desired is less stressful once they remove the background noise, and shoppers can stay within the budget too. Whether shoppers purchase them at a brick and mortar store or online at a site like eBay, choosing the right phonograph should provide consumers with quality sound for many years.
1 Continuum Audio Labs Caliburn

The Continuum Audio Labs' Caliburn phonograph has speed monitoring capability as well as indicators on the underside of the platter that fine-tunes the unit for accurate and continually monitored speed. Keeping the speed consistent allows owners to hear the full richness of the vinyl recording. Designed for the professional or nonprofessional, the clear initial setup directions help owners avoid the frustration that sometimes accompanies home installation of audio equipment. Once set up, owners can operate the unit easily, allowing the average consumer to enjoy uncomplicated use of the system, which is a plus for any home user, but especially welcome for a novice in the world of turntables.


2 Pro-Ject Debut Carbon
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon answers the demand for new sources for turntables and audio equipment that bring back the golden age of vinyl recordings. One of the noticeable improvements is the inclusion of a carbon tube tonearm, which increases the stiffness of the arm while decreasing unwanted resonance. Extensively used in professional equipment, the carbon tonearm for consumer units are less costly. The company has also melded together other consumer-driven improvements such as increased platter size and weight as well as smoother rotation, which delivers a quieter background sound. In addition, consumers can easily do the initial setup with clear directions.


3 Rega Research RP1

The Rega RP1 is completely British made. The Rega RP1 uses a manual speed changer, rather than automatic, which eliminates the speed inconsistencies often found in other units, while it reduces the wear and tear on the drive belts. The turntable unit features a hand assembled tonearm, precision main bearing, and a resin platter. The low vibration motor assures quiet operation to allow the user to concentrate on the beauty and tonal richness of vinyl recordings without background vibration interference.


4 Ion Audio LP2CD

Ion's  LP2CD turntable is a dual operational system. Playing both vinyl recordings and compact discs, it is a space saving system that incorporates the ability to burn digital copies of vinyl LPs. Taking the sting out of the cost of conversion of vinyl to CD and MP3 players, the LP2CD's integrated CD burner, with computer free operation, makes this unit easy to use. The belt drive system has three playback speeds with a metal platter and standard tonearm with a replaceable cartridge. Included are a hinged dust cover, slip mat, and USB and RCA power cables. Easy to operate and install, this unit solves the problem of converting LPs while delivering a high quality listening experience.


5 Denon DP200USB
Denon DP200USB

The Denon DP200USB allows the consumer to enjoy quality sound from vinyl recordings while also being able to convert them to MP3 digital audio tracks with its fully automatic turntable. With the use of the included PC software, the unit automatically checks the first 15 seconds of each track. It then searches an extensive database for all available meta-data, retrieving information on the artist, title, year of distribution, and all other relevant information. In addition, the sound is rich, warm, and fully tonal, allowing the consumer many hours of listening pleasure. Easy to set up, this unit appeals to both novice and established audiophile.


How to Buy Phonographs on eBay

When using eBay to purchase a phonograph or turntable, it is important to note all the information provided by the seller. Check carefully for price, colour, shipment costs, date of delivery, and any other information that may be necessary. If consumers need more information, they can click on the Ask a Question link on the seller's page. To start the search for phonographs go to any eBay page. In the Search bar, type keywords such as "phonograph" or " vinyl record turntables". To narrow the results, click on a category on the search results page. With some research, shoppers can easily find the right phonograph for their needs.
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