Top 5 Pool Filter Cartridges

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Pool filter cartridges are necessary for maintaining both quality and clarity of water. Without filter cartridges, pools would become unhygienic and highly susceptible to algae growth. When searching for a pool filter cartridge, it is imperative to choose the right type as an incompatible filter can cause damage to the pool's pump. As such, pool owners should factor in water capacity, necessary flow rate, and ease of maintenance when making a selection. It is also important to familiarise oneself with top-rated brands and models. Buyers can purchase pool filter cartridges at brick-and-mortar pool supply stores; however, when shopping for a good deal, most head to eBay. eBay has a wide selection of filter cartridges, often for less than retail value.
1 Hayward SwimClear
Hayward SwimClear

The Hayward SwimClear filter cartridge eliminates backwashing, saving pool owners up to 9,500 litres of water every season. Filter cartridges come in several capacities: 20, 30, 40, and 50 square metres, allowing buyers to choose the most appropriate size given their pool needs. With a low-profile tank base design and a noryl bulkhead, which provides strength and heat resistance, cartridge elements are removed quickly and efficiently. In addition, the durable, glass reinforced copolymer material from which the tank is made helps it withstand the toughest of environmental conditions.


2 Hayward Star-Clear
Hayward Star-Clear

The Hayward Star-Clear filter cartridge is well suited for both in-ground and aboveground pools as well as in-ground pool/spa combinations. Whether looking for a replacement filter or installing a new pool, the filter cartridge exceeds consumer standards of excellence. The cartridge features an aesthetically pleasing filter head which can be rotated to conveniently position pressure gauge and manual air relief and a single locking knob, which securely fastens the head to the filter tank, eliminating the need for bolts and clamps. The durable, glass reinforced copolymer material from which the tank is made, helps it withstand the toughest of environmental conditions. In order to eliminate corrosion and add strength, the filter tank features a single piece injection-molded base and body.


3 Intex Type A

Hayward Star-ClearThe Intex Type A filter cartridge is made from Dacron material. As such, it is easy to clean and replace when necessary; to maintain quality and performance, pool owners should replace the cartridge every one to two weeks. The Intex Type A filter cartridge is best suited for smaller pumps which draw out 2,000 to 6,000, litres per hour and thus, should be used for smaller swimming pools that are oval in shape or have a rectangular frame of up to 6 metres. For increased versatility, the filter cartridge also fits pumps that take Type C filter cartridges.


4 Nature2 Express
Nature2 Express

The filter cartridge ">Nature2 Express pool filter cartridge uses natural minerals to destroy bacteria and control algae. This reduces the amount of harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, used to keep the pool water balanced, in turn, reducing skin irritation, unpleasant odours, and stinging eyes. While the cartridge's controlled release technology ensures optimal mineral levels, buyers can rest assured that the minerals do not harm pool equipment or stain the pool. Each filter cartridge lasts up to six months and is well suited for both in-ground and above-ground pool use. Quick and easy to setup, the Nature2 Express filter cartridge comes equipped with all components needed for installation.


5 Pleatco

The <Pleatco pool filter cartridge promotes cleaner water, longer equipment life, and lower energy costs. These cartridges come in a wide array of sizes and types and are designed to fit each and every pool, without regard to pool model or brand. As a worldwide leader in the pool and spa filtration industry for over 35 years, Pleatco is highly regarded for the high quality materials they use throughout their manufacturing process. The pool filter cartridges use antimicrobial end-caps designed to withstand chlorine degradation and the growth of odour causing bacteria as well as Free Flow cores which increase filter effectiveness by allowing for the free flow of water through the filtration fabric.


How to Buy Pool Filter Cartridges

To shop for pool filter cartridges on eBay, simply enter any related key terms into the search window and click search. This provides a wide selection. A more limited selection of search results comes from utilising eBay's advanced search feature. This feature lets buyers narrow their search according to price, seller location, or item condition. Buyers are also free to limit search results to that of Top-rated sellers. Pool filter cartridges need frequent replacing. It is important to match the size of the pool and necessary flow rate to the specifications of the pool filter. It is also important to read past consumer reviews in order to determine which cartridges are top-rated.
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