Top 5 Stereos With iPod Connectivity

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A convenient way to enjoy on-air music as well as favourite playlists, stereos with iPod connectivity combine a fully functional stereo with a port that connects easily to iPods of multiple generations. The addition of a specialised cradle on the top or side of the stereo case allows the iPod to rest gently without the risk of toppling over or falling behind the device during an afternoon of music enjoyment or an impromptu party. Whether the stereo comes from a local electronics store or online at eBay, a brief look at the top stereos with iPod connectivity can help shoppers make informed purchasing decisions to find a stereo to provide years of musical enjoyment.
1 Logitech S715i
Logitech S715i

Lightweight and portable, the 1.58-kg Logitech S715i fits easily on a shelf or desk for use at home and transports easily to provide musical enjoyment away from home. This stereo system features multiple speaker, including tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers to provide support for low-, mid-, and high-range notes. The centrally-situated iPod connection cradle allows for easy mounting and unmounting of iPods and iPhones with a 30-pin connector whilst also pulling double duty and charging the device at the same time. The included full-function wireless remote enables control from up to 9.1 m away, and the device operates on a rechargeable battery or a convenient wall plug.

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The JVC UX-LP5 combines an AM/FM radio tuner with 1-disc player and an iPod dock to handle multiple music types from CD and CD-R to MP3, WMA, and imported iPod or iPhone playlists. Other features include an adjustable equaliser, four full-range speakers, Hyperbass mode, and composite output ports. The 30-pin iPod connector port located front and centre on the device retracts easily, and the vibrant blue colour scheme appeals to owners as it fits nearly any colour scheme.


3 Sony Micro Shelf System
Sony Micro Shelf System

With its minimalist controls, the Sony Micro shelf system functions as an AM/FM tuner, CD player, and 30-pin iPod or iPad playback device to play streaming music or a pre-formed playlist of favourite titles. The built-in equaliser allows for full control of treble, bass, fade, and balance and adjusts easily with the slight turn of a dial when transitioning between genres or switching modes. In addition, the audio/video ports on the rear of this system allow users to connect it to a television set or other home theatre components to amplify the sound and allow for versatility when enjoying music.


4 Philips Fidelio DS3020
Philips Fidelio DS3020

With its versatile design, the Philips Fidelio DS3020 provides powerful broadcasting of streaming Internet radio or custom iTunes playlists for convenience, and it is an easy conversation piece. The doughnut-shaped circular speaker cradles a 30-pin iPhone or iPod and enables full control of skip, play, pause, and stop functions directly on the screen for a quick response. Despite its slim size, the dock provides full support for all music types and delivers full note ranges with virtually no distortion or other interference. For convenience, owners have the option of powering this dock with rechargeable or disposable AA batteries or using a wall plug for uninterrupted tunes.


5 Teac SR 80i
Teac SR 80i

Available in several colours to match virtually any home decor theme, the Teac SR 80i combines a dome-shaped design to enhance music distribution with a centrally-mounted 30-pin iPod dock for a balanced look with equally balanced performance. This unit sits easily on a countertop, shelf, or table and functions as an AM/FM tuner and broadcasts music from CD players, DVD players, television sets, or other MP3 devices when connect via component cable or USB. The 15-watt internal speaker fills the room with sound and easily compliments music from pop and rock to classical, jazz, techno, and rap.


How to Buy Stereos with iPod Connectivity on eBay

When shopping for stereos with iPod connectivity on eBay, find the system to fit your needs by using precise keywords when using the Search bar found on any page of the site. For example, instead of typing in a term like "stereo", a choice that results in thousands of potentially semi-related results, try "Teac SR 80i stereo with iPod cradle" or " Logitech S715i portable stereo" for targeted and specific results. Once the ideal stereo with iPod connectivity arrives at your door, you can easily set it up to play music of all genres as well as imported playlists carefully curated by you, your friends, or iTunes users from around the globe.
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