Top 5 Sunglasses That Look Good on Anyone

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Sunglasses are distinct enough to be only worn by a man or a woman, and versatile enough to be unisex. Although most men likely would not be caught dead wearing big pink-framed sunglasses decorated with Swarovski crystals, a woman probably would not wear dark, blocky, masculine-looking sunglasses. However, unisex sunglasses walk the fine line between men's and women's styles. For potential buyers, some of the biggest brand names in the sunglass industry, like Ray-Ban, Versace, Calvin Klein, and Maui Jim, make sunglasses that look good on anyone. These sunglasses are available from many retailers, including eyewear stores, department stores, and sporting good sellers. Another logical place to find good deals on sunglasses is eBay, where searchers have thousands of options readily available, including the top designs.
1 Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Ray-Ban Wayfarers

One of the most classic sunglass styles of all time, the Ray-Ban Wayfarers have a design that works well with both men's and women's facial features. Ray-Ban Wayfarers are available in numerous frame and lens colours, but most wearers opt for the classic matte black frames and green lenses. For more adventurous wearers, other available colours of Wayfarers include red, yellow, orange, and camouflage, while lens colour choices include orange, blue, and silver. The frames are plastic and the lenses come in several options, such as gradient, GSM, mirror, and polarised.


2 Kaenon Rhino
Kaenon Rhino

The Kaenon Rhino are Italian-manufactured wraparound sunglasses that hug the wearer's face snugly. The frames feature Swiss-made lightweight and flexible TR-90 material, and they come in either matte or gloss. The lens material, which is polarised, comprises Kaenon's patented SR-91 glass. The available lens tints include brown, copper, grey, and yellow. The Kaenon Rhino frames work well for a person who has a medium to full-sized face. The frame colours available are black and tobacco.

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For those wearers who like the wraparound style but do not want a heavy frame, the BLOC DAYTONA X60N is an ideal choice. The BLOC DAYTONA X60N are available in either glasses or goggles format, and they feature a Karbon8 optical class one lens to give the wearer maximum ultraviolet (UV) ray protection. BLOC also states that the DAYTONA X50N sunglasses are virtually indestructible, so they are ideal for wearing when playing physical sports activities. The frame features tough KARBON TX bi-core injection material, which makes them both lightweight and strong. The DAYTONA X60N come with frames of either black or white, and lenses that are clear, citrus, brown, vermillion, grey, red, or blue. They also come with polarised, mirrored, or graduated lenses.


4 Maui Jim Sandy Beach
Maui Jim Sandy Beach

Another major brand that manufactures sunglasses that look good on anyone is Maui Jim. The company's Sandy Beach sunglasses have frames that are either gloss black or tortoise shell, with natural grey, HCL bronze, or Maui rose lenses. Other lens features for the Maui Jim Sandy Beach glasses include PolarizedPlus 2 to reduce glare, polycarbonate for durability and protection, and CLEARSHELL scratch coating to prolong the life of the lenses. The thin frames offer a mid-sized rimless wrap to give the wearer more unobstructed views while still offering generous protection against glare, wind, and debris. The Maui Jim Sandy Beach sunglasses fit a variety of facial shapes, including oval, pear, and round.


5 Ralph Lauren Classic Aviator

Another popular pair of aviator-style sunglasses is the Ralph Lauren Classic Aviator. These sunglasses feature a lightweight metal frame that anchors silicone nose pads on a traditional double bridge. Frames for the Ralph Lauren Classic Aviator are available in brushed silver, shiny brown, and shiny gold, while the lenses are green, brown, or grey. The lenses are a polycarbonate material, and the sunglasses fit best on a person with a heart-, oval-, or square-shaped face.


How to Buy the Top 5 Sunglasses That Look Good on Anyone

Reviewing all options before buying is key to selecting from the top five sunglasses that look good on anyone. Once deciding up a basic style, consumers can narrow their choices down further by searching for their next pair of sunglasses on eBay. Using the convenient search box that is available on every eBay page, users can search for unisex sunglasses using several criteria, such as brand, colour, style, and condition. Buyers can purchase new sunglasses, but can save a considerable amount of money by choosing used sunglasses for much less than their original selling price. Finding the top sunglasses that look good on anyone can be an exhausting task through normal channels, but eBay makes it exceedingly easy.
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