Top 5 Texas Instruments Calculators

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Deliberately designed with high-tech features such as touch screens, RAM memory, downloadable applications, and extensive customisation options, Texas Instrument calculators give students in higher education and beyond the tools to complete even the toughest problems and assignments. TI-Nspire technology takes these calculators beyond mathematics and allows input for scientific simulations as well as exploring free online companion science resources. For every stage of education and professional development, there is sure to be just the right Texas Instruments calculator to help get the job done with accurate and professional results.
1 TI-84 Plus
TI-84 Plus

A new and improved spin on earlier TI models with greater than two times the processing speed, the TI-84 Plus features an enhanced display and key layout similar to its predecessor, the TI-83. With the built-in USB port, users can connect to video interfaces, such as ViewScreen and TI-Presenter, to enhance collaboration with classmates and colleagues or to aide in delivering professional and detailed presentations. Using a compatible USB cable,, the TI-84 can connect and interface with other TI-84 and TI-83 models. Since the TI-84 Plus is electronically upgradeable, users can count on having the most up-to-date functions and applications (apps). Preloaded apps include Conic Graphing, Learning Check, Study Cards, Probability Simulations, and more. Other customisable options include 14 interactive zoom features and an interactive equation-solving editor, as well as the ability to define, save, and graph up to 10 graphing functions at the same time.


2 TI-89 Titanium
TI-89 Titanium

Users can connect with other calculators and computers using the on-board USB port, while enjoying the innovative capabilities of Texas Instruments' most powerful Computer Algebra System (CAS) graphing calculator, the TI-89 Titanium.. An enhanced 100x160-pixel, high-contrast display with split-screen display capability allows users to customise the layout and appearance of graphs, fractions, and equations, all on an easy-to-read screen. Preloaded apps include Polynomial Root Finder, EE Pro, Cabri Geometry, and CellSheet. Users can graph functions, parametric and differential equations, and recursively designed sequences using the innovative TI-89 Titanium. In addition to the CAS function, this calculator includes Pretty Print and 3-D graphing and boasts 2.7 MB ROM and 188 KB RAM.


3 TI-Nspire

Texas Instruments introduces groundbreaking concepts into the world of handheld calculators with the TI-Nspire with Touchpad.. Using the innovative touchpad, users can navigate and manipulate graphs and equations with seamless proficiency. A Scratchpad feature allows for quick calculations and graphing without having to save work, and additional functions allow users to view and manage up to four variations of a problem, all on the same screen. Further features include the ergonomic keyboard with separate alpha keys for more intuitive user input, a mini USB port, and a green light indicator that allows test proctors to easily confirm the calculator is in testing mode, which blocks certain features.


4 BAII Plus Professional
BAII Plus Professional

For business students and professionals, the BAII Plus Professional calculator from Texas Instruments is an indispensable tool for performing complicated calculations quickly and accurately. With advanced computational functions such as bond calculations, time value, amortisation, and four methods of calculating depreciation, the BAII Plus saves time and increases accuracy for solving complicated business equations. Additional functions include cost, markup, accrued interest, NPV and IRR for uneven cash flows, and remaining book value. Housed in a durable metallic case, the BAII Plus Professional is similar to the BAII Plus edition, with an enhanced display screen as well as several new functions that are unique to the Professional model. In addition to delivering reliable performance, the BAII Plus Professional calculator has approval for use on the Chartered Financial Analyst exam.


5 TI-83 Plus
TI-83 Plus

From secondary school into advanced mathematics and business courses, the TI-83 Plus calculator performs graphing, advanced statistics, and financial computations. Compatible with the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition,, the TI-83 Plus can connect and interface through the View Screen panel, which makes it possible to use this calculator as a solo teaching tool for a large class. The TI-83 Plus places emphasis on key mathematics and science functions, such as graphical analysis, plots, data groups, financial functions, and matrices.


How to Buy Texas Instrument Calculators on eBay

Purchasing a Texas Instruments calculator from eBay is an excellent way to save money without compromising on quality that comes from a trusted brand name. Whether you are looking for a basic model for introductory-level coursework or the expanded performance of a graphing calculator such as the TI-Nspire models, there is a broad selection of new and used items. Begin searching for a specific item by typing a search term, such as Texas Instruments graphing calculator, into the search box. To refine the search results, click on the appropriate subcategory heading. For extra money savings, remember to look for items listed with free postage.
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