Top 5 Tools to Install a Home Automation Module

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Only a few tools are necessary to successfully install a home automation module. A home automation system allows consumers to save money on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint as well as providing comfort and convenience. Other home automation systems also have a variety of security features to keep the home safe and secure. One of the key elements necessary for installing home automation software is compatible home automation software, allowing consumers to set up and control their system effectively. Other top essential tools for installing a home automation module include deep junction boxes, screwdrivers, wire strippers, and a voltmeter.
1 Home Automation Software
Home Automation Software

Home Automation Module|Screwdriver Set|Voltmeter|Wire Stripper|Deep Junction Box


2 Deep Junction Boxes
Deep Junction Boxes

Home automation usually requires various new wires and switches, which can come in different shapes and sizes. Installing a deep junction box in all areas where electronic control takes place allows users to neatly slot new switches into their home. When choosing junction boxes, it is better for users to overestimate than underestimate. Doing this allows room for wire splicing, preventing the need to re-install the boxes. There are two types of boxes users can consider: metal and plastic. Both are non-conductive, with plastic being the more common option. When using the home automation system outdoors, choosing a weatherproof deep junction box is essential.


3 A Screwdriver Set
A Screwdriver Set

If users choose to install complex home automation systems or they need to use a deep junction box, a screwdriver set is essential. When choosing a set, it is important to ensure there are varying head sizes available. In addition to this, aiming for a variety of lengths also ensures it is easy to manoeuvre the tools when installing a home automation system. Shorter screwdrivers are good for tackling easy to reach parts. In contrast, a longer screwdriver works well with components that are far away. For ultimate flexibility, users should aim for screwdrivers with interchangeable heads. A Rolson Tools 60-Piece Screwdriver Set works well, as it offers a great variety of head sizes. Home automation installers use these tools to insert deep junction boxes, remove electrical panels, and more.


4 A Good Wire Stripper
A Good Wire Stripper

For those users who want to get really technical when installing their home automation system, a good wire stripper is essential. Wire strippers cut away the insulation surrounding the wire, without damaging the wire itself. It is now possible to purchase manual, automatic, and laser strippers. When it comes to home installation, users are likely to need either manual or automatic devices. Automatic wire strippers cut 10 gauge wires and smaller. Fortunately, for those installing home automation systems, this is sufficient. However, some may feel more comfortable taking control themselves and feeling the wire cut away as they strip it. When choosing a stripper, it is necessary to purchase one with the right millimetre length. For those who are unsure, it is possible to work around this by buying a universal wire stripper.


5 Voltmeter

Users who take the time to manage their home's electronics when installing a home installation system need a voltmeter to measure the electrical potential between various points in the circuit. Doing this ensures that the flow of electricity does not exceed the amount the circuit is capable of transmitting. If this does happen, the installation process becomes useless, and the user has to re-install as fuses can blow and components become damaged. It is possible to purchase both analogue and digital voltmeters. Digital voltmeters usually come with greater accuracy, but both are sufficient for making measurements. It is also possible to purchase LCD pocket voltmeters that provide an accurate reading, ensuring that any re-wiring that takes place when installing a home automation system is safe and accurate.



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