Top 5 Wireless Surveillance Security Systems

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Wireless surveillance security systems are highly effective in keeping a designated area protected. Not only do they allow the user to keep the area safe, but they do so more easily than a wired camera system, with quick and easy installation as well as increased versatility. Wireless surveillance security systems also offer the convenience of simple video transferring to a range of devices, including televisions, computers, DVRs and others. With a wide selection of wireless surveillance security systems available, buyers may find difficulty selecting the right system, but with knowledge of the top surveillance security systems, finding the right system is quite easy.
1 Defender Phoenix 301-013
Defender Phoenix 301-013

The Defender Phoenix 301-013 is one of the simplest solutions to video surveillance and easily sets up for use right out of the box, as it features plug-and-play connectivity. It also offers two night vision outdoor cameras, the necessary cables and mounts, and a wireless receiver. The wireless receiver features an SD card slot, and the wireless range reaches up to roughly 137 m. Equipped with 18 IR LEDs, the Defender Phoenix captures video up to 12.2 m away from the camera with no light, as the IR LEDs automatically activate after the ambient lighting drops below a preset level.


2 ESP GuardCam Security Light CCTV Camera
ESP GuardCam Security Light CCTV Camera

The CCTV Camera is a great choice for anyone who is looking to protect his or her home or business with a security camera. It features a high-resolution colour camera and a low energy C-grade halogen lamp. It also has the ability to record during the day and at night. It can record 750 20-second videos on a 2 GB SD card, and the camera automatically overwrites the oldest content to ensure the most recent events remain recorded.


3 SUNLUXY 8CH CCTV DVR Day Night Weatherproof Security Camera Surveillance System
SUNLUXY 8CH CCTV DVR Day Night Weatherproof Security Camera Surveillance System

The SUNLUXY 8CH CCTV DVR Day Night Weatherproof Security Camera Surveillance System is one of the more advanced and complete wireless security systems available. This eight-camera system allows the user to place cameras in multiple locations and watch them all simultaneously. The user can watch the videos online on a computer or smartphone, done simply with the built-in DDNS ID. Additionally, it features a built-in USB port for easy transfer and backups of videos, electronic zoom during video playback, and advanced motion detection recording for saving hard drive space, but enabling the user to capture any important events.


4 Friedland Response CWFK1 Wireless Colour Camera CCTV Kit
Friedland Response CWFK1 Wireless Colour Camera CCTV Kit

The Friedland Response CWFK1 Wireless Colour Camera CCTV Kit is an energy-efficient wireless camera and receiver combination that is sure to protect home. It features a weatherproof camera, making it optimal for both indoor and outdoor use, and has 11 IR LEDs for low light illumination. The camera also features a 100-m open field operation range, a 7-m night vision recording range, and a 60-degree viewing angle. The receiver has four channels and a wide range of optional accessories available, so users can expand the system with up to three additional cameras. In addition, the receiver connects to a TV quickly and easily with the included video cord.


5 Friedland Response CA3 Wireless Colour CCTV Camera
Friedland Response CA3 Wireless Colour CCTV Camera

The Friedland Response CA3 Wireless Colour CCTV Camera is a perfect addition to an existing wireless CCTV system that uses a Friedland Response analogue wireless receiver. The colour camera features 11 IR LED lights for low light illumination, as well as a 7-m night vision range and a 60-degree viewing angle, making it optimal for 24-hour recording. It is also IP54 weatherproof, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, a 12-volt DC adaptor powers the device.


How to Buy a Wireless Surveillance System on eBay

For those who are looking for a wireless surveillance system, a great place to shop is on eBay. You can simply enter the keywords "wireless surveillance system" in the search bar on any page for a list of available items. You can also refine your search by entering more specific keywords, such as brand name or model number, or by browsing different categories on the site. Wireless surveillance systems are a great alternative to wired systems, as they are typically much easier to set up, do not require wires to run from the receiver to the cameras, and offer more flexibility than wired systems. Those who are looking to secure their home or small business with video surveillance find a wireless surveillance system to be a wise investment.
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