Top 5 tips to stop your Wheelie Bin going missing!!

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Wheelie Bin are a major eye sore in today's society. They were never intended to be aesthetically pleasing. The average person can't get through the day without seeing one. There everywhere - blocking pathways, dwarfing garden shrubs, and blocking driveways.


With the ever increasing issue of more more wheelie bins by our local councils, our homes are starting to look like multi-coloured rainbows.  As I write this article,  I already have 5 different coloured wheelie bins outside my home. I now have a black, pink, brown, green and blue wheelie bin. 

Well, this no longer needs to be the case, with the urban spread of the Wheelie Bin Cover.  You can now camouflage your wheelie bin by simply applying a wheelie bin cover.


Wheelie Bin Covers from '' are attractive floral covers that help blend your wheelie bin into your Garden surrounds, and hedges at the front and back of the house.

Wheelie Bin Covers from '' allow the bin to blend into its background and generally make it less offensive to the sensitive eye. The Bin can then be positioned against an appropriate surface and forgotten about.


1. Paint your wheelie bin - Yes, some people really do this...and what a hell of an eye sore it is!!!

2. Paint your house number on the side of the bin - This just makes your wheelie bin look so tacky!!

3. Fit an Oval Decal that clearly shows your house number - this will stop your neighbour taking your bin by mistake!!

4. Regularly Tip your bin men - that way, once they empty your bin, the bin men will ensure they return the bin back up the patio or drive!!

5. Fit a Wheelie Bin Cover from '' - that way you instantly know which bin is yours, and you can simply blend your bin into your gaden surrounds!!

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