Top 6 DAT/DDS Tape Drives

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Digital data storage (DDS) is a popular method used to store large amounts of computer data. Digital audio tapes (DAT) record computer data onto magnetic tape enclosed in a small case that resembles an audio cassette. Digital Audio Tapes are a preferred method for storage of data because they produce an exact copy of the digital data, unlike other methods that utilise data compression techniques when copying digital data. Several top DAT/DDS tape drives available feature high-quality digital data recording capability for users who require an exact duplication when storing computer data.
1 DDS/DAT Technology

Digital data storage originated in 1989 on 3.81 mm magnetic tape that was capable of holding 2 GB of uncompressed data on a 90 m cartridge. The first system introduced is DDS-1. Digital tape storage capacity increased as technology advanced, and in 2003, DDS-4 made the transition to DAT-72, which nearly doubled the storage capacity of 3.81 tape from 40 GB of compressed data to 72 GB. In 2007, the DAT/DDS format moved to an 8 mm magnetic tape, which is capable of much quicker transfer speeds and nearly five times the storage capacity of 3.81 mm tape at 320 GB of compressed data with DAT 320.


2 Tandberg DAT 72 Internal/External Tape Drive
Tandberg DAT 72 Internal/External Tape Drive

Offered in both internal and external tape drive configurations, the Tandberg DAT 72 features 36 GB of uncompressed storage capacity per tape or 72 GB of compressed data. The Tandberg DAT 72 is an ideal storage option for small and medium sized companies in need of cost-effective data backup. The Tandberg DAT 72 has a mean time between failures of 125,000 hours, which gives business owners both reliability and dependable performance. The DAT 72 is capable of backing up compressed data at a rate of 23 GB per hour, and with expandability to future Generation 8 Digital Data Storage technology, the Tandberg DAT 72 is a storage solution that grows with the business.


3 Quantum DAT 320 Tape Drive
Quantum DAT 320 Tape Drive

The Quantum DAT 320 delivers 160 GB of uncompressed data storage and 320 GB of compressed capability at a transfer rate of 86 GB per hour. The Quantum DAT 320 offers hardware based data encryption capability, which allows users to fully safeguard important computer data and conform to regulatory compliance regarding sensitive digital information storage. The Quantum tape drive is available in an external tabletop version that connects via USB 2.0, or an internal unit that features a 5.25-inch form factor compatible with most desktop computers. The Quantum DAT 320 is also backward compatible with previous DAT 160 digital storage systems, offering flexibility to companies upgrading their data storage capabilities.


4 Dell TF832 36/72 GB DDS5 PowerVault 100T DAT 72 External Tape Drive

The Dell Power Vault 100T is a DAT-72 based digital storage system that offers 36 GB of uncompressed storage capacity and 72 GB compressed. The Dell Power Vault 100T is an external tape drive that connects to the computer via a SCSI interface and features a 8.9-cm form factor for ease of storage. The Dell tape drive boasts a mean time between failure rate of 483,000 hours, giving users a great deal of reliability and it transfers data at a rate of 24 GB per hour.


5 Sony TSL-SA400C External AIT-1 Autoloader

The Sony TSL-SA400C is an external tape drive that utilises AIT-1 DAT technology. The Sony tape drive connects to a computer via SCSI connectivity and features storage capacity of up to 364 GB of compressed data through the unique autoloading cartridge magazine, which holds up to four tapes. The Sony TSL-SA400C transfers data at a rate of 35 GB per hour, giving users high-speed backup capability. The Sony tape drive features an easy to read LCD display and simplified operation panel, which make it easy for individuals of any computer skill level to operate the tape drive.


6 HP StoreEver DAT 72 SCSI Internal Tape Drive

The HP StoreEver DAT 72 is an internal tape drive that installs into the computer and features SCSI connectivity. The HP StoreEver offers 36 GB of uncompressed storage capacity and 72 GB of compressed data capability, and it transfers data at a rate of 21.6 GB per hour. The HP StoreEver tape drive features integrated encryption capabilities that protects user data from unauthorised access.

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