Top 6 Enterprise Routers

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An enterprise router is a vital piece of equipment that helps route data packet information from one network to another. These devices assist in controlling the traffic of data by reading the information they receive and then routing the data to the proper location. Enterprise routers are much like home routers people use to access the Internet via their home computers; only enterprise routers do this on a much larger scale. Large businesses find that they need enterprise routers which are fast, efficient, and reliable in performing this task. Enterprise routers are located at electronics stores and online at eBay. Knowing which enterprise routers are the best helps consumers make more informed buying decisions.
1 1800 Series Integrated Services Router
1800 Series Integrated Services Router

The 1800 Series integrated services router is a high-quality Cisco enterprise router which offers unified communication in a secure manner. This particular wireless model is capable of handling information routing in an efficient manner for small or medium-sized business. The 1800 series router allows businesses to access the Intranet and Internet without interruption in a compact and lightweight package. It comes with the addition of features built into the design which helps provide safe, reliable, and secure access to both the Intranet and Internet. The functionality of this router increases also due to the multiple WAN interfacing options it possesses.


2 7200 Series Router
7200 Series Router

Another top enterprise router is the 7200 Series router. This Cisco enterprise router comes in various models such as the Cisco 47-5380 which offers IOS 7200 software and a Cisco 7204VXR processor, and it also includes an internal flash memory of 16384k. The models within the 7200 Series are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and are relatively light and compact. This is a scalable enterprise router that has the ability to handle memory module upgrades. Some 7200 Series routers like the NPE-150 model also have packet SRAM, which is unique to this type of router. This feature is what enables the device to have fast data packet switching when necessary.


3 ASR 1000 Series Router

Cisco also offers the ASR 1000 Series router as another business solution for those seeking a reliable enterprise router. There are various models within this category as well that offer the 802.30 Ethernet interface along with a Cisco 68360 processor which provides one serial network interface. This model is scalable, which means that it has the ability to grow along with a business. Having an ASR 1000 Series router means during data transfer between networks, business owners never have to worry about the integrity of their data. This Cisco series has seven different routers which include the ASR 1001, ASR 1002, ASR 1002-X, ASR 1004, ASR 1006, ASR 1013, and ASR 1002, which is a fixed router. All of these Cisco models include the Cisco QuantumFlow processor which allows the routers to handle information in a dependable and resilient way.


4 2851 Integrated Services Router
2851 Integrated Services Router

The 2851 integrated services router is yet another very capable model that Cisco offers for small to medium-sized business use. It has features available that include 256 MB of RAM with 64 MB of flash memory. This device has the ability to bring together voice and data infrastructures in one scalable package which helps reduce business expenses. The reliable connection helps enhance productivity and remotely manage other servers securely. It meets the Energy Star compliance environmental standard and features a lightweight and compact design. Users feel confident that using this device in the proper manner provides reliable and secure connectivity with feature enhancements that improve slot performance.


5 J-Series Services Router

Juniper is the maker of reliable enterprise router solutions. The Juniper routers within the J Series come in a variety of models that provide secure and stable connections and routing. The Juniper J6350-JB router is a modular, four-port router capable of handling small to medium-sized business tasks. It offers additional Internet connectivity methods with the inclusion of six PIM slots that also have the ability to increase the WAN acceleration for unit. This modular Juniper router is ideal for managing small to medium-sized business needs that include desktop, VoiP, servers, and other types of applications. This network enterprise router is capable of handling voice, data, and video all within one network which in turn helps save business owners money.


6 Huawei Enterprise Router
Huawei Enterprise Router

Huawei is a brand of enterprise routers that provides fast and reliable service while ensuring network data security. One of the top enterprise routers is the Huawei 02353527 enterprise router. This particular model features wireless capability that includes an integrated eight-port switch. It has a compact design which makes it easy to place on a desktop and it also has rack mounting capabilities. The router provides reliable firewall protection to help keep data safe, while the 80 GB per second capacity to switch is double that of the normal industry standard for many other routers with similar features. It also offers reliable traffic shaping support to ensure that users have consistently dependable service.


How to Buy Enterprise Routers on eBay

When it comes to finding a reliable business networking solution like an enterprise router, it is hard to beat the value and the convenience that come from shopping on eBay. This online marketplace has a large volume of individuals who sell merchandise on this website which means there are a lot of items to choose from and competitive pricing as well. If you own a small or medium-sized business and need to transfer data packets between several networks, an enterprise router is a necessity. Knowing which types of routers have the best features and the most reliable helps assist you in making the right choice for your networking needs.
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