Top 6 Scrub Sets for Men

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Scrub sets, named primarily because of their use in medical settings while medical personnel are scrubbing in, are available in a large number of styles and colours. Scrub sets for men consist of a simple pair of trousers, often with a drawstring at the waist, and a matching pullover shirt. The purpose of scrubs sets is to provide a simple set of clothing that are easy to put on and launder, and that provides minimal places for contaminants to hide on the garments. Consumers can find some of the most popular scrub sets for men locally or online on eBay.
1 Koi Scrub Sets
Koi Scrub Sets

Kou scrub sets feature a set of comfortable trousers with an adjustable drawstring and a matching top. The top, designed with a V-shaped Henley neckline, contains four separate pockets and slits along the side. The trousers feature both side and back pockets, as well as cargo pockets for holding larger objects. All trouser pockets utilise Velcro flaps. These scrub sets are made with a cotton and polyester blend.


2 Skechers Scrub Set

Skechers provides many different styles of medical scrubs for men. Aside from offering standard scrub sets with plain matching tops and bottoms, Skechers also designs scrub tops with zipper fronts, scrub tops with ties around the waist, and scrub jackets as well. Skechers scrub sets are available in a range of styles and colours, as well as unisex designs.


3 Cherokee Scrub Set
Cherokee Scrub Set

Cherokee scrub sets for men are available in a wide variety of style and colour options, from solid white and khaki to Tooniforms, a style that incorporates fun, colourful designs that include popular cartoon characters. Cherokee scrubs feature a tapered leg design with both a drawstring and an elastic waistband, as well as sectional cargo pockets on the trousers. The tops feature a V-neck with a chest pocket, side vents, and an identification loop. Both top and bottom are double-stitched for durability.


4 Med Couture Scrub Set
Med Couture Scrub Set

Med Couture offers a selection of scrub sets for both men and women, as well as unisex designs that are appropriate for both sexes. Med Couture scrub sets contain a cotton and polyester blend of material, as well as an EZ-Flex twill and spandex that stretches for comfort. Med Couture offers an assortment of different designs, including the popular standard scrubs with elastic waistband and cargo pockets.


5 Landau Scrub Set
Landau Scrub Set

Landau scrub sets are popular due to both the comfort and durability of the uniforms. Landau scrub trousers features double patch pockets on each thigh as well as two traditional pockets. Also included is a non-roll elastic waistband with an interior braided drawstring and a front zipper. The matching crossover V-neck top features an instrument pocket on the chest and a bungee loop for holding pens.


6 Barco Scrub Set

Barco scrub sets are popular because of their quality materials. Barco offers the same types of scrubs as other companies, including a range of solid coloured pullover tops and matching bottoms with elastic waistbands and drawstrings. Barco also offers a variety of accessories, like lab coats and warm-ups, as well as colourful prints and designs.


Find Scrub Sets for Men on eBay

When looking for scrub sets on eBay, the most important things to look for are style and size. There are generally many different styles and colours to choose from, as well as a range of size options. Purchasing the proper size scrub set is the best way to ensure comfort while wearing the uniform. To find scrub sets simply use the site's search function and type in the desired brand or style of scrubs, and browse through the appropriate categories and listings. After finding the desired scrubs, simply click to purchase and have them posted directly to your home or place of business.
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