Top 6 Theatre-Inspired Costumes for Men

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Costume parties provide fun opportunities to imitate favourite characters. There are limitless characters from which to choose, from generic characters like ghosts or witches, to specific characters like those from books and movies. One source of particularly vibrant and classic characters is the theatre. While there are many theatre characters from which to choose, a few are particularly famous and recognisable. Choosing the right theatre-inspired costume involves deciding which character most fits the attendee's personality and goals for dressing up. The top six theatre-inspired costumes for men offer some of the most famous costumes available.
1 Hamlet Costume
Hamlet Costume

Hamlet' is the lead character in Shakespeare's play of the same name. This complex play about revenge stars this troubled young man on his path to ruin. Hamlet's costume possesses features of Elizabethan or Shakespearean dress, including a cape as well as extensive lacing and padding. Wearers can create a uniquely Hamlet outfit by making it black, indicating his mourning for his father, who died before the opening of the play. Wearers typically need to purchase a costume from a supplier, such as eBay, because the Shakespearean outfit is difficult to replicate with regular clothes.


2 Macbeth Costume

Macbeth' is another of Shakespeare's most famous plays. In this play, Macbeth and his wife conspire to kill the king of Scotland in order to make way for Macbeth to take over the kingship himself. Their murderous actions drive his wife mad and torment him with ghostly visions. His Scottish costume can possess characteristics such as plaid patterning. It also consists of rich fabrics, flowing robes, and a crown. The costume works well with a costume dagger, which plays an important symbolic role in the play.


3 Cyrano de Bergerac Costume

Cyrano de Bergerac' the play reflects the life of the real Cyrano de Bergerac, a French playwright. The focus of the play is on Cyrano's relationship with Roxan, a distant cousin whom he loves but whom he feels can never love him because of his oversized nose. Cyrano's distinguishing feature is a large nose that dominates his appearance. His costume usually includes a broad-rimmed, feathered hat and Elizabethan dress, such as a ruffled collar around the neck. Those who wish to dress as Cyrano can purchase a prosthetic nose or a mask to help them get the right look.


4 Doctor Faustus Costume

Doctor Faustus' is a 1604 play by Christopher Marlowe that depicts an accomplished scholar, Doctor Faustus, exchanging his soul for more knowledge. Eventually, he ends up in hell. Because Marlowe created Doctor Faustus during the Elizabethan era, his costume possesses the elaborate Elizabethan features. Doctor Faustus' costume may also possess Renaissance features. However, there are a few things that distinguish Faustus from other characters. For instance, he is a scholar, and therefore wears long black robes and a square, flat, scholar's hat.


5 Phantom of the Opera Costume
Phantom of the Opera Costume

The 'Phantom of the Opera' is a famous musical featuring a disfigured and troubled man who is in love with one of the opera singers in the opera house where he lives. Throughout the musical, he kidnaps her twice, tries to force her to love and marry him, and seeks to harm anyone who stands in his way. Erik, the Phantom, has a major distinguishing feature: a deformed face that he covers with a plastic white half-mask. Besides this mask, the Phantom costume can vary a bit. It is typically elegant, with a black cape, black pants, and a white shirt.


6 Sweeney Todd Costume

A more modern, but almost equally famous play, is 'Sweeney Todd'. This dark musical follows a murderous barber who partners with a pie maker to serve up his victims. The Sweeney Todd costume is fairly recognisable. It consists of a loose, linen shirt, double-breasted brown vest, and pinstripe pants. In addition, he carries a razor in a leather pouch on his hip and a white razor rag on his other hip. One of Sweeney Todd's most identifiable features is also a patch of white hair on the right side of his head.


How to Buy Theatre-Inspired Costumes for Men on eBay

Choosing a theatre-inspired costume requires you to know which character you wish to represent. You also need to decide whether you want to wear a costume that includes a mask or accessories, like a costume dagger, you would need to carry. Finding a theatre-inspired costume on eBay is simple. You enter a related search term into the search bar on any eBay page. You may then sort the results by a variety of factors. Costumes provide a fun way to temporarily imitate someone else. They can be fancy or simple, and represent many different characters. The top six theatre-inspired costumes for men represent some of the most famous and recognisable characters in the theatre.
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