Top 6 Tools for Installing or Repairing Satellite Dishes

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Most people do not have the tools or knowledge required to install or repair satellite dishes, so they rely on the services of experienced professionals for any installation or repair needs. This often entails service charges, which add up and can become quite costly. Satellite repairs also vary, and require the use of different, specific tools for different jobs, including tasks as simple as minor adjustments. Fortunately, not only do these tools give one the ability to perform satellite repairs, they also may work well with other home repairs. They are definitely a valuable asset to anyone who prefers to do home repairs independently.
1 Compass

When it comes to the positioning of a satellite dish, precision and care is a necessity, as the dish's position determines the strength of the signal it receives. Because of this, a compass is a great tool that gives the user a precise direction and is great for locating a satellite's position. One example of a good compass to use for satellite installation and repair is the Suunto Tandem Compass.


2 Coaxial Cable Stripper
Coaxial Cable Stripper

A common element of satellite dish systems is a coaxial cable, which transfers the signal received by the satellite to the receiver. Repairs that involve replacing or fixing coaxial cable may require the use of a coaxial cable stripper, which is a simple tool that strips the outer protective layers of the coaxial cable. Coaxial cable strippers do this in a way that does not damage the cable. The process for stripping the cable with the strippers is fairly simple: simply insert the cable into the jaws of the tool, clamp them shut, twist the cable, and pull the casing away.


3 Coaxial Cable Cutting Tool
Coaxial Cable Cutting Tool

Since coaxial cables feature a thick protective outer layer, they are difficult to cut through without the proper tools. A coaxial cable cutting tool is the best tool for the job. It is made specifically for such a task, and provides a clean cut. This is especially important when performing cable repairs or installations, as this tool provides the means for properly aligning cables.


4 Compression Tool
Compression Tool

One of the handiest tools available for those who make satellite repairs is a compression tool. It features the most useful tools for coaxial cable repair and installation jobs, with the ability to crimp and compress the cable. In combination with a coaxial cable stripper, this tool gives the user the ability to install a more modern and effective compressed cable tip. A compressed cable tip provides a much more secure connection to the cable than the more traditional crimped-on tips.


5 Pocket Cable Tester
Pocket Cable Tester

Common issues that involve signal quality make it necessary to check cables for damage. This is often a daunting and tedious challenge, when considering the location and length of the cable. However, a pocket cable tester is a tool that eliminates the need to manually check the entirety of the cable as part of the testing and diagnosis process. There is a range of such tools available, from simplified versions such as the Coax Cable Continuity Tester (which checks splitters, self-grounding devices, and DC shorts), to more advanced versions, such as the Fluke Networks PTNX8 Advanced Pocket Toner Coax Cable Tester. This cable tester is able to detect AC/DC shortages, dial tones, and open or closed circuits. It is capable of testing up to eight cables at once for continuity.


6 Satellite Finder Meter
Satellite Finder Meter

For adjustments to the satellite dish itself, using a satellite finder meter in combination with a compass is crucial for getting the best signal. A satellite finder meter is portable and generally easy to use, allowing the user to check the signal quality while in the presence of the satellite dish. In addition, there are both digital and analogue models of satellite finders available, both offering the option of using either internal or external power supplies.


Buying Satellite Dish Repair Tools on eBay

If you are shopping for satellite dish repair tools, considering eBay is a wise idea, as it offers many different products from sellers around the world. Simply enter the keywords "satellite tools" in the search bar for a list of available items. You can also further refine your search by entering specific keywords, or by browsing through the various categories on eBay. People who enjoy doing home repairs themselves often enjoy the benefits of saving money by not having to hire a professional to do the work. Satellite repair, which a user can easily do with the proper knowledge, also requires the use of specific tools. With a little well-informed shopping, finding the right tools for the job can be easy.
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