Top 7 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Dumbbells

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Top 7 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Dumbbells

Any workout isn't complete without the use of dumbbells somewhere. Dumbbells or 'free weights' are the most versatile pieces of equipment in the home gym and literally all of the muscle groups can be worked on with a decent set of dumbbells.

Buying a set of dumbbells can be nice and affordable, or if looking for more of a 'home gym' experience, you may want to really invest in a long lasting set. It is important to consider who the dumbbells are for, what weight they are capable of or will be capable of lifting, what exercises they plan to and where the weights will be used.

There is a fantastic range of dumbbells and associated fitness equipment in the Exercise and Fitness category on eBay,, all of which will be outlined in this guide.

Why Use Dumbbells?

Dumbbells are perfect for targeting all of the muscle groups in a well-structured workout. They have many benefits in comparison to using the expensive machines in the gym. Some of the advantages of using dumbbells in your workout are:

* Both hands act freely when performing an exercise so the body can make small adjustments that are needed in order to prevent potential injury.

* Supporting muscles can gain greater strength as they are needed to keep the right form and control the weight.

* Dumbbell movements are much closer to the movements of everyday tasks, so are easier to perform and are more likely to add to your general strength.

* Dumbbell exercises can be designed to copy any movement in sport such as a golf swing or throwing a football, as opposed to machines which set the person in a predetermined position and only concentrating one muscle group.

* There is always more than one muscle group moving and holding the weight which is better for all round body strength. For example a shoulder press using dumbbells will also work the triceps and upper back as well.

* Generally lifting the weights into position and back on their stands can help your endurance.

There is no one particular way to train and you should certainly not be deterred from using machines, but dumbbells do have some great advantages for all levels and strengths.

What To Consider When Buying Dumbbells on eBay

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right dumbbells on eBay:

* How much weight will be needed? Depending on who will be using the weight, it will be easier to decide which dumbbells will be best when it is clear how much weight the person using it can lift or is likely to be able to lift.

* What is the size of the workout area that will be used? Some dumbbell sets are designed with storage and space saving in mind so it is important to know how much space you have to work out in.

* Where and how will the dumbbells be stored? Many dumbbell sets can take a lot of storage space. Do you have a lot of space or is space saving a priority.

* Would you sacrifice time changing weight plates for having lots of weights? Standard dumbbell sets require weight plates to be changed constantly whereas others are readily available and make for the workout to be quicker and less stressful

* What exercises will the person using the weights be performing? Many exercises require a lot of weight whereas some will only need smaller weights.

* What types of dumbbells will be best for you? Dumbbells come in a number of forms and dependent on weights needed, size of room and storage type, it is important to choose the right dumbbells in terms of practicality and price. A guide to the different types of dumbbells available on eBay will follow.

* Do you want dumbbells that are built to last for years or a standard set of weights to work out with sporadically? If you are really serious about training and will use the weights two or three times a week it might be worthwhile paying a little bit extra in order to make sure that you will get a set of dumbbells that will last for years.

It is important to consider all of these factors as buying an expensive set of dumbbells and not using them enough to get your money's worth is just a waste of time. Likewise, buying a cheap set when you lift weights every week will mean they will not last very long. It is important to find the right balance for your needs. Now we know what is needed from the dumbbell set, take a look at the following variations of dumbbells available on eBay.

Types of Dumbbells

Dumbbells are excellent for strength training and are a great investment for a home gym.. They are simple to use, are the most versatile pieces of equipment in the gym and can be affordable. Beginners should start with dumbbells before moving onto barbells and machines as they promote great form and the benefits will be seen across a range of muscle groups much quicker. Using dumbbells are great as there is nothing but your own strength suspending and pushing the weights so the muscles are working much harder. The different types of dumbbells available are:

Standard Dumbbell Set

Standard dumbbells come complete with two dumbbell bars , a selection of weight plates and collars. These are the most common types of dumbbells found in a home gym and are popular as it is easy to change the weights without having to store a lot of dumbbells which can take up a lot of space. They are inexpensive but it can be an annoyance having to remove the dumbbell collars when changing the weight plates. These are normally spun on for a tight fit to make this a bit easier but can still be time consuming. Many of the bars come with plastic or rubber grips to make lifting the weight more comfortable and prevent calluses on the hand forming.

Olympic Dumbbells

Olympic dumbbells are very similar to the standard dumbbells but come with thicker bars and come with spring lock collars rather than twisting collars which make changing the weight plates quicker and easier. Olympic dumbbells will match any Olympic barbell set and are able to hold a substantial weight unlike the standard dumbbell bars.

Fixed Weight Dumbbells

Often being made of solid metal, fixed weight dumbbells usually start at around 5lbs and work up in 5lb increments. Fixed weight dumbbells can be all metal or have rubber around the end weights. Using these types of weights is extremely easy and takes no time at all and has the convenience of not having to change the weight plates all the time. Collecting a lot of fixed weight dumbbells can be extremely expensive, will require a rack and need a lot of space for storage.

Selectorised Dumbbells

These are the best of the best when it comes to dumbbells. Selectorised dumbbells come with a bar that sits in a rack of weight plates and by turning a dial, you can select the weight that is required. This means that with only one dumbbell set, you can have a huge range of weight options than other types of dumbbells. These dumbbells usually come with a special rack and are top of the range. Whilst these dumbbells can save a lot of space, they can be expensive and will have a limited upper weight which might not be suitable for the more seasoned weight lifters.

There is a range of dumbbells for all levels and size of weight lifters, so it is important to do the research and choose the right one for you. All of the different types of dumbbell sets are available in the Sporting Goods section on eBay.

How to Buy Dumbbells on eBay

There is a large range of dumbbells available on eBay. Type ' dumbbells'' into the search bar at the top of all eBay pages and a search results page of dumbbells will appear. It is possible to buy these items in the following ways:

* Bidding- Just like buying at a real auction, bid for dumbbells with your best offer for that item.

* 'Buy it Now'- To save time, find the dumbbells you are interested in and buy it at a 'Buy it Now' price. This saves the hassle of having to keep watching bids and the item can be shipped much quicker.

Listings can be filtered by using the advanced search results page. Results can be narrowed down by "Any of these words," "All of these words," or "Exact phrase." Search in "All Categories" to start a search as well.

Be sure to always check the seller's feedback rating as this is a great way of telling how trustworthy the seller is and that they are someone that people have been able to do business with. Check how many transactions they have undertaken and always ask the seller questions about the item if there is anything that needs clearing up.


Buying dumbbells can be great to get in good physical shape at home. It is important to consider who the weights are for as this can affect how much weight is needed and how much you may need to spend. All of the dumbbells available on eBay are suitable for adults who are looking to build muscle mass and increase strength and endurance. Find the large variety of dumbbells in the Exercise and Fitness category on eBay..

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