Top 7 Financial Calculators

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A calculator is an essential tool for anyone in the financial world. For everyone from a business student taking his or her first course to a longtime banking, insurance, or real estate professional, the right calculator is a necessity. Financial calculators perform complex functions beyond the typical addition and subtraction of a simpler calculator. They handle complex algorithms, and many even have graphing capabilities. Current and future coursework, upcoming certification tests, and daily tasks are all important things to keep in mind when shopping for a financial calculator. Shoppers should consider the benefits of the top financial calculators before making a purchase.
1 HP 10BII Plus
HP 10BII Plus

The HP 10BII Plus is Hewlett Packard's entry-level financial calculator. This inexpensive option provides plenty of functionality for students. It has an LCD screen and a numeric keyboard. It offers both algebraic and chain algebraic input and has over 170 built-in functions, including both trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. The calculator has a plastic body with a metal ring around the screen. It is one of the calculators commonly allowed on UK actuarial qualification exams.

2 Texas Instruments BA II Plus
Texas Instruments BA II Plus

This entry-level offering from Texas Instruments is another good option for students. The <TI BA II Plus is capable of performing amortisation schedules, depreciation with four different methodologies, and breakeven calculations, amongst others, making it ideal for students in finance, accounting, and statistics courses. Actuarial qualification exams commonly allow use of the TI BA II Plus during testing.

3 Casio FC100V
Casio FC100V

The Casio FC100V is another inexpensive option. It boasts a long battery life at nearly three years, assuming one hour of use per day. It features a plastic body and comes with a hard plastic slide-on case. The calculator can perform simple and compound interest calculations, investment appraisals, amortisation, and conversion between nominal and effective interest rates. It also features two shortcut keys that allow users to store parameter values for repeat calculations. Actuarial certification exams do not commonly allow the Casio FC100V during testing.

4 Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional
Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional

The Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional is very similar to the TI BA II Plus,, with several additional features. The TI BA Plus Professional has four additional cash flow worksheet variables and an additional bond worksheet variable. This makes it better suited to professionals or advanced students. It is also sleeker in appearance. The TI BA Plus Professional is a variation on the TI BA II Plus, and is thus permitted on actuarial qualification exams.

5 HP 12c
HP 12c

The HP 12c has been around since 1981 and has not changed much in that time. It has an old-fashioned look and a cult following in the finance world. It uses a different input convention known as Reverse Polish Notation (RPN), which can be confusing for anyone who is not familiar with it. Additionally, it allows users to write programs. It is more expensive than many other financial calculator models. Exams typically allow the HP 12c, and in some cases, it is the only calculator permitted for use on exams.

6 HP 17BII

The HP 17BII also uses RPN, but consumers can also use it as an algebraic calculator. It is capable of calculating net present value, interest rates, and loan payments. It offers an easy-to-use menu and features over 250 functions. It also offers a two-line display screen and a durable plastic body. The cost and complexity of the calculator make it ideal for finance professionals rather than students. Actuarial qualification exams do not commonly permit the HP 17BII for use during testing.

7 Texas Instruments 84 Plus
Texas Instruments 84 Plus

The TI-84 Plus is a graphing calculator that also functions as a financial calculator. It can perform interest calculations, cash flow calculations, and other financial functions. It also offers matrix algebra support. The calculator features a plastic body and is significantly larger than other, non-graphing calculators. It also features a USB port for computer connectivity. Actuarial qualification exams generally do not permit graphing calculators of any kind during testing.

How to Buy Financial Calculators on eBay

The top financial calculators are all available on eBay. You can browse available calculators by typing "financial calculators" into the search bar on any eBay page. You can also search for a specific model. After your search, narrow results by price to stay within your budget. You can also specify whether you are looking for a new or used model. Do not forget to factor shipping costs into the overall price; look for local sellers or free shipping offers to save. A good financial calculator is a necessity for anyone who works in or studies financial fields. Financial calculators can be expensive; shopping for them on eBay can save you money.
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