Top 7 Graphing Calculators

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Students, engineers, and mathematicians use graphing calculators to help them visualise and better understand math and science concepts, which enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Before selecting one of these calculators for a class or standardised test, shoppers should check whether they can use them. In addition, those who like games, puzzles, history, geography, and flash cards can find graphing calculator models that support these areas as well through downloadable content. When searching for an advanced calculator, shoppers should make sure to keep the device's capabilities, memory capacity, screen size, compatibility, and upgradeability in mind. For all types of graphing calculators, visit eBay for various product options.
1 TI-Nspire

The TI-Nspire model features 20 MB of ROM, 16 MB of RAM, and a screen resolution of 320x240 pixels. Users can split the display four ways to place multiple calculations in various sections of the screen. A touch pad sits below the display and operates like a laptop mouse. The TI-Nspire includes a built-in mouse, interchangeable keypads, a dividable screen, and a rechargeable battery. Users of this calculator can also save and export graphs and equations from the calculator to a computer and back again.

2 TI-84 Plus
TI-84 Plus

With a 160x120-pixel screen resolution, the TI-84 Plus also features 480 k of ROM and 24 k of RAM. Widely accepted as the industry standard, this easy-to-use model is a sleek and durable calculator. Key features of this model include a built-in USB port and preloaded applications like Cabri Jr., Vernier EasyData, StudyCards, and more. This model is recommended by high schools and universities around the world.

3 HP 50g
HP 50g

The HP 50g includes 2.5 MB of ROM, 512 k of RAM, and a 131x80-pixel screen resolution. This model allows for multiple input methods, including the standard algebraic and Reverse Polish Notation input. The HP 50g simplifies processing by using a large equation library and 2,300-plus built-in functions. Other key features include built-in lessons and step-by-step problem solving; the ability to use the intelligent editor to isolate and evaluate sub-expressions and cut, paste, and copy; and the ability to format SD cards and expand the memory through the SD card slot.

4 TI Voyage 200
TI Voyage 200

The TI Voyage 200 includes 2.7 MB of usable ROM, 188 k of usable RAM, and a 240x128-pixel display resolution. This model features a large display and QWERTY keyboard. Key features include advanced mathematical software, geometry software, and programming functions. It is also upgradeable via computer connectivity. Unfortunately, because of its keyboard, users cannot use this model on most standardised tests.

5 Casio Prizm
Casio Prizm

The Casio Prizm offers 16 MB of flash memory, a 9.4-cm 384x216-pixel display, and a backlit, colour LCD screen. Its USB connection allows for the transfer of data and images between the device and a desktop computer. It also connects to Casio LCD projectors. The key features include allowing device users to experiment by creating graphs over preloaded pictures, displaying information in full textbook-style, and the colour-coding of values in spreadsheets.

6 TI-83 Plus
TI-83 Plus

The TI-83 Plus features 160 k of ROM, 24 k of RAM, and a 160x120-pixel screen resolution. As the most commonly used calculator, professors use this model as a baseline to teach classes and textbooks sometimes use the TI-83 layout for equation and graph function demonstration. Key features of this model include upgradeable operating system and software; preloaded applications, including StudyCards and Vernier EasyData; and compatibility with TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Silver Editions.

7 ClassPad 330
ClassPad 330

The ClassPad 330 model features 5.4 MB of ROM, 500 k of RAM, and a 160x240-pixel screen resolution. This model includes features banned in most classrooms. Its benefits include a powerful computer algebra system and programming language that can be utilised to facilitate advanced mathematics. The ClassPad 330 features a thin and slender frame with a large screen and a stylus for input.

How to Buy Graphing Calculators on eBay

When shopping for graphing calculators on eBay, device users can find products quickly and easily by performing a simple keyword search. After searching, make sure to browse the list of results that comes up. Then, when viewing a product listing, make sure to read the seller's specifications in detail, read the seller's feedback rating, and ask the seller any questions before making a purchase. Some top sellers offer free posting on eBay, so make sure to check their listings as well. Most importantly, remember to find a product that includes the features you need, as well as the price you want.
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